Essential Information about Barium Sulfate Powder and Titanium Dioxide

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Essential Information About Barium Sulfate Powder and Titanium Dioxide for Plastics Actually the barium sulfate powder is a white heavy and soluble compound and you can get from either the natural mineral barytes or by the chemical treatment of barium and sulphuric acid. Usually this barium sulfate powder is widely used to make the colouring lithopone that can be commonly called as blanch fixe. It is actually synthetic extender precipitated at the certain atom size from the purified barium sulfate. The chemical formula for barium sulfate is BaSO4. Its chemical properties are ranged from 92.0 to 99.0 and its physical properties are fine powder. Barium sulfate- Uses and applications In these days the barium sulfate is broadly utilized as a radio opaque agent of X-ray contrast agent to investigate the gastrointestinal medical conditions. In addition to it is used in the oil drilling fluids and concrete based radiation protections. The main applications of using barium sulfate powder are including:  Pyrotechnic compositions  Root canal fillings  Paints  Pigments  Linoleum  Textiles  Rubber  Adhesives  Brake linings  Catalyst supports  Fillers in plastic  Paper coatings

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Therefore this barium sulfate can occur naturally as a mineral barite that is broadly discovered as well as used as a main source of barium as well as other barium compounds. Three Major Types of Titanium Dioxide for Plastics Primarily a titanium dioxide is a mainstay white pigment for the worldwide plastic industry. This TiO2 is highly demanded in the plastic industry which is around 1.5m tonnes per annum and also around 25 of worldwide consumption. Still its main objective understands the complete market for plastics as well as the companies that supply this. It is also much essential to know the features of various kinds of TiO2. Commonly there are three major kinds of titanium dioxide for plastic available that include: Plastic type 1 This form of grade is featured by the special surface treatment by using the huge quantities of aluminium compounds as well as special organic additives. This has also been specially made for utmost process ability of pigments in the plastics and particularly for the manufacturing of high temperature troupe films. Plastic type 2 This form of grade is featured by the superior surface handling by using aluminium compounds as well as the distinct organic seasonings that instruct normally the hydrophobic properties to an outward of the colouring elements. This has been made for improved colouring process ability in the manufacture of different types of plastics.

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Plastic type 3 This form of grade is featured by the superior surface dealing with silicon and aluminium mixtures as well as the special organic seasonings that normally conveys the hydrophobicity to a surface of the colouring atoms. This could be designed for utmost colouring process in the manufacture of various forms of plastics. FOSHAN XINTU CHEMICAL CO. LTD. Room 1618 Miking Plaza Huangqiguangfo Road Nanhai District FoshanGuangdong China Tel: 86-757-85767080 / 85771773/ 85700959 Fax: 86-757-85791959 Web: E-mail: