10 ways to grow.


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Like plants on the first day of Spring, you can blossom to achieve your dreams.

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Adopting a new perspective is the first step to successful repotting. Just as some plants need a different environment to thrive, you need to start thinking in new ways. Ask yourself: What is really important to me? What trade-offs do I need to make to bring more light and meaning into my personal garden? What will bring colour to my landscape? For example, if you are constantly traveling for work, but missing important family events, you could shift your priorities and adjust your schedule.

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Slow down and create time in your schedule to research new avenues for personal growth. Don't be afraid of empty spaces. A friend of ours who cut back on her schedule immediately filled the open time slots with new activities. Remember to let "fallow beds" lie--don't fill up your free time until you know what you really want to do.

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To repot successfully, you need to let your mind run free to entertain new concepts, ideas, and avenues. Unleash your creative side by visualizing a new future for yourself. A mother who spent 20 years raising children, allowed herself to visualize a new identity. She tapped into her inner voice and let her imagination to take her beyond her current role to that of therapist for troubled youth.

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When you expand your knowledge, you expand your options. For personal growth, ongoing learning is crucial--whether you're pursuing a hobby or gaining new credentials for a career. The stimulation of learning fosters new growth and change at any age. A middle-aged stock market analyst decided to go back to school for an MBA so that she could start a business with her grown daughter.

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Until you try a plant in your own personal garden, you won't know for sure if the conditions are right for growth. If they're not, you can always rip it out and start again. Embrace trial and error. A woman took training to see if she would like to become a massage therapist. While she enjoyed the nurturing aspect, she realized she didn't have the stamina to do it fulltime. She continues at her desk job and has a small massage practice on weekends.

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Tap into your network--family, friends, and colleagues--who may be able to give you feedback, advice, and emotional support. As you benefit from the advice of others, you may also find that you're helping someone else along the way. A man who wanted to change careers talked openly with his family, professional friends, and people who had known him throughout his life. He found his life enriched by connecting with old friends and developing deeper relationships with new ones.

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Do not ask the Lord to guide your footsteps, if you are not willing to move your feet. Text written by Diana Holman and Ginger Pape, authors of Repotting: 10 steps for redesigning your life. Background music:Lambchop UP WITH PEOPLE a Zero 7 Remix from my own CD … The Karma Collection.

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