How Computers Make Kids Dumb

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An awareness on Computers & Kids


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A study of 100,000 pupils in 31 countries around the world has concluded that using computers makes kids dumb. Avoiding PCs in the classroom and at home improved the literacy and numeracy of the children studied .   When social factors were taken into account, PC literacy was no more valuable than ability to use a telephone or the internet, the study discovered.  

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  Holding other family characteristics constant, students perform significantly worse if they have computers at home By contrast, children with access to 500 books in their homes performed better. The negative correlation, the researchers explain, is because children with computers neglect their homework more.

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Schoolchildren are developing a "problem-solving deficit disorder", and losing the ability to analyze. A better way, experts insist, is to encourage creativity. And the best remedy for this is to turn off the computer and stimulate childrens ' imaginations.