Reynolds Number

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Reynolds Number : 

Reynolds Number Laminar and Turbulent Flow

Reynolds Number : 

Reynolds number is a dimensionless parameter that relates inertial forces to viscous forces. It is represented by: Reynolds Number

Types of Flow : 

Reynolds number is used to characterize different flow regimes, including laminar and turbulent flow Both types of flow are significant in fluid mechanics, examples of which can be found in countless applications Types of Flow

Laminar Flow : 

Laminar flow occurs at a lower Reynolds number (<2100) where viscous forces are dominant Fluids travels smoothly and in regular paths where the horizontal surface remains stationary and all other layers slide over each other Laminar Flow

Turbulent Flow : 

Turbulent Flow occurs at a higher Reynolds number (>4000) where inertial forces are dominant Turbulent flow travels in random, chaotic paths and is characterized by irregular fluctuations and heavy mixing Turbulent Flow

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