Goals in our life

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Explaining the importance of goals in our life, differentiating between goals and dreams and how goal making webs and apps help us in achieving our goals


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Difference Between Dreams and Goals Types Of Goals We All Have In Our Life How Goal Based Webs and Apps Help Us

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Difference Between Dreams and Goals

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DREAMS GOALS Dreams don’t have any result Dreams require imagination Dreams are imaginary Dreams don’t have any deadline Goals are result oriented Goals require hard work Goals are reality Goals always have deadlines

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Types Of Goals We All Have In Our Life

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The word “goal” is NOT specifically related to education or career. A goal can be as usual as cooking your favourite dish on a particular day or as significant as climbing your favourite hill And making your dream come true MIND YOU ! So anyone can be a goal setter

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Educational Goals Career Goals Financial Goals Travel / Social Goals Relationship / Family Goals

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How Goal Based Webs and Apps Help Us

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A Coach that goes everywhere with you, helping you achieve any goal, change any habit, or build any expertise. A goal based social network where a user can tie-up with mentors, gurus, professionals and fellow strugglers to accomplish their goals. Linkagoal says Everyone has a GOAL Any.do is your free mobile and online task manager  A website that has an intuitive process that makes the process of setting goals simple and easy

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We all have some goals at every stage of our life. These goals are however dynamic in nature. We keep adjustin g our objectives as per changes within ourselves and outside. In the end we become what we aspire. We never fail until we don’t give up.