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Learn about latest goal setting Web & Apps


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W riting down your G is 1 st Key / step to achieve your goal’s “ Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines ”   Brian Tracy   oal’s

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Goal Setting Web & Apps They offer great features and a large community of like-minded individuals   1 Help you in achieving your life goals 2

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Features Linkagoal world’s only Goal based Social Network. Goal-oriented platform to write goals and receive contributions from a global audience. Create Link Contribute Achieve

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Any.DO an app for those goal setters who love to keep a to-do list of all their goals and activities. Daily planner List management Reminders Sync across all devices Features

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Lifetick is a web based software that helps you set, track and achieve your goals in life. Features Follow the SMART methodology to keep you on track Write about your experience in your own JOURNAL TRACK any area of your life to develop the right habits for success CHART your progress to see your Achievements over time

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Coach.me is a well-established app with a large like- minded community. There’s a coach at Coach.me to help you be successful in achieving your goal. Personal Community Expert Advice Features

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“People with goal succeed because they know where they’re going” Earl Nightingale Sign up on these Web & App’s and start availing their features