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how to get better at mw3


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MW3 Tips and Tricks For A Better Kill/Death Ratio!:

MW3 Tips and Tricks For A Better Kill/Death Ratio! By Th3FatalClan

What To Expect In This Video:

What To Expect In This Video Best Classes To Use When To Use What Class Where To Go In The Map Simple Gameplay Tips Gunfight Tactics

Best Classes:

Best Classes Assault Rifles Can Work On Any Map; The Type 95 , ACR 6.8, SCAR L, and M4A1 are all very easy to use. You should always use them correctly. Do not run around rushing with them, but use them at their prime; long lines of sight. While many assault rifles have an average damage, they usually lack in rate of fire. If you want to get up close to an enemy and have a gunfight there, it might be better to use an SMG. I personally recommend the MP7 for an SMG, because of its low recoil and high rate of fire. For perks, I personally like Sleight Of Hand or Scavenger for the first tier, Assassin for the second tier, and Marksman or Dead Silence for the third tier. AR Class: Scavenger, Assassin, Marksman SMG Class, Sleight of Hand, Assassin, Steady Aim/Dead Silence For strike packages, I run Specialist almost all the time. If you have all the perks, you will pretty much be invincible, immune to grenades, silent footsteps, etc. The class you use is pretty much preference, so I can’t say much else.

My Favorite Class:

My Favorite Class Primary: ACR 6.8 Proficiency: Kick Attachment: Silencer Secondary: FMG9 Attachment: Akimbo Lethal: Semtex Tactical: Portable Radar Perk 1: Scavenger Perk 2: Assassin Perk 3: Marksman Strike Package: Specialist Death Streak: Hollow Points

When To Use What Class:

When To Use What Class This is a very simple concept. If you find a map with long lines of sight, like Bakaara, for example, then a Sniper R ifle, LMG or Assault Rifle should be appropriate. Why? SMG’s and Shotguns have little range, so the enemy will almost always have the upper hand on you. SMG’s and Shotguns are extremely powerful in close combat, or maps with short lines of sight. Dome is a great map for them.

Where To Go in The Map:

Where To Go in The Map I will always recommend to go around the sides of the map. The reason? When in the dead middle of the map, there are many different angles for people to kill y ou from. You have to watch to your left, right, in front of you, and behind you. If you are making laps around the map, or a certain area of the map, I highly recommend the portable radar. Some people like to rush in the middle of the map to rush, but I would prefer to stay away from the middle of the map.

Simple Gameplay Tips:

Simple Gameplay Tips Learn The Maps; Knowing great lines of sight can boost up your kills Pay attention to skulls; They can help you identify where enemies are Pay attention to where your teammates are; Enemies will spawn where you aren’t at Watch Killcams; It may be boring, but it will show you where your enemy is, and if they are moving around or not Find the enemy’s common routes; They may continue to follow them throughout the game Defend any objectives or trafficked spots in the maps; This is any easy way to rack up kills Use guns you are comfortable with; Don’t use an MSR if you aren’t a good sniper

Gunfight Tactics:

Gunfight Tactics Dropshotting; While it can be very “noobish,” it will help you will gunfights. Try the Tactical button layout for this. If you don’t know what this is, you drop to the floor in the middle of a gunfight. Jumpshotting; Same as Dropshotting, just jumping All Grenades; Always try to use every one of your grenades, as they may kill someone

Thanks For Watching!!!:

Thanks For Watching!!! I hope this helps! If you know any other great tips, please leave a comment below. Thanks Again!

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