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OUR SERVICE Toxicology and Safety Assessment Service Custom Model Generation Service Non-Human Primates Service PK/PD Service

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Toxicology and Safety Assessment Service General Toxicology Special Toxicology Safety Pharmacology Toxicokinetics Studies

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Custom Model Generation Service Transgenetic Services Knockin Services Knock Down Services Knockout Services Custom TALENs Services

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Non-Human Primates Service NHP Research Services NHP Disease Models NHP Biological Products

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PK/PD Service oADME Services oIn Vivo PK oBioanalysis oPharmacodynamics Services

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OUR ADVANTAGES Adequate space to research Exact timeline constraint Comprehensive expertise Reliable quality assurance Low Cost With Quality Service 247 Customer Service

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Contact Us USA 45-1 Ramsey Road Shirley NY 11967 USA Tel: + 1-631-626-9181 Fax: + 1-631-614-7828 United Kingdom St Johns Innovation Centre Cowley Road Cambridge CB4 0WS UK Tel: + 44-207-048-3343 Email: Website:

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