Expressive Writing for Wellness

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Writing for Wellness:

Writing for Wellness From Writing to Heal, Writing to Grow © 2008 Carol Celeste All rights reserved SM

Writing Trials:

Writing Trials Diabetes Asthma Cancer HIV Rheumatoid arthritis

Writing Benefits:

Writing Benefits Fewer stress-related visits to doctor Reduced blood pressure Improved lung and liver function Feeling of greater well-being Improved immune system function

More benefits:

More benefits Reduced absenteeism Quicker re-employment Higher GPAs Better sports performance Improved working memory Less depression Nicer mood

# 1 Aging Worry?:

# 1 Aging Worry? Poor Health




Stress Shows in our skin!!! Raises blood pressure Invites illness Weakens immune system Increases cortisol

Expressive Writing:

Expressive Writing Cleanses mind of frustrations and depressing thoughts Nourishes body and mind Increases working memory Boosts immune system function Reduces stress Promotes solutions to problems

Writing Uses the Whole Brain:

Writing Uses the Whole Brain Left brain Right Brain Logical Intuitive Analytical Random Objective Subjective Sees parts Sees wholes Simul-craneous activity


Stress What makes you want to take a flying leap? financial problems traffic too little time care giving aging parents job woes job loss kids

Summary Expressive Writing…:

Summary Expressive Writing… Lowers blood pressure Raises blood oxygen levels Boosts white blood cell count Changes brain waves and skin conductivity Relieves stress Promotes wellness Strengthens immune system

Writing for Wellness:

Writing for Wellness journey today. Start your SM Write to Heal, Write to Grow, Write to Reflect