How to Fix Add Media Button Not Working Issue in WordPress

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Add Medi a Button not working is su e in WordPress is a rare WordPress error that occurs when some themes or plugins scripts or stylesheets conflict. It is quite a frustrating situation. Because the Add Media Button not working issue doesn’t show any warning message or specific error code or error. You feel confused a b out w h y this happ e ned. So we’ve come up with the tutori a l of how to fix the Add me di a button not worki ng issue in WordPress .

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Follow these steps to fix the Add medi a button not work ing issue in WordPress.

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Add medi a button of WordPre s s plays a vital role in creating the enhanced look of yo u r b log post. But it creates a panic situation w he n out of sudden it stops working. Here in this tutori a l, we’ve di scussed how to fix the add media button not worki ng in WordPress. I hope that this tutorial helped you in solving the issues. If still, you’re facing any issue, ask us freely in the comment box.

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