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Read complete maternity shopping guide with The Best tips for styling a baby bump. List of other maternity essentials to smoothly sail through your pregnancy are mentioned in


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Complete Maternity Clothing Shopping Guide - Work Leisure During my whole pregnancy I was the most excited and restless to see my baby. I was one step closer to motherhood. As delightful as the thought of being a mother is taking care of ourselves during our pregnancy is very important for us as well as your little one. It wasn’t my first pregnancy but I was still stumped while shopping for my maternity clothing and essentials. All I knew was that I had to pamper myself with comfort and ease. I figured that a few basic purchases would do the trick So I read books right from parenting for dummies to parenting toddlers. This article will act as a guide to stay focused on what you purchase without buying too much. Style Your Bump I loved to flatter my bump with anything I wore. Simple large t-shirts were my go-to for everyday use and I’d pair it with maternity jeans which are super comfortable and stretchy. This combination is heavenly A little lovely dress that would stretch around your bump would make for cute date night wear. Maternity stores would have clothes according to different maternity sizes. It might be difficult to understand the sizing of maternity clothes so my hack for it considering how many times I’ve repeated the word in this one paragraph is to buy stretchy clothes. Whatever clothes you buy make sure the material is stretchy. Your choice would also depend on seasons- if you’re pregnant during the winter stock up on sweaters jackets and woolly socks. Summers call for tank tops and maxi dresses. Pamper Your Body Ladies our body will change as days pass. I used to have extreme foot pains and someone suggested I take better care of my feet. Foot masks and foot creams are magical- you wouldn’t believe the instant relief I used to get and the forty winks after. Stretch marks cream will also be your best friend along the way. Get some soothing oil to massage your body where it itches or aches. These are the essentials- you really don’t need to buy the huge list that fussy parenting books for moms sometimes list.

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Other Maternity Essentials Maternity belts that support your bump towards the end of pregnancy were a godsend. It was like sharing the weight of my bump with someone else which I was totally down for- the back pain was too much to handle. They’re adjustable too so you can fix them according to the size of your bump as you advance into the later stages of your pregnancy. Body pillows are useful too. You can perfectly cradle the pillow to ease your back pain and relieve pain points. Other items that will make your pregnancy a lot easier are comfortable shoes hot oil massages and clothing suited to the season. Pregnancy isn’t that easy definitely isn’t a cakewalk but getting the right maternity essentials will make things so much easier. I’m rooting for you

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