Wool Mattress Topper

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Wool Mattress Topper

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Wool is a natural organic fiber. It loses its natural goodness when bleached and processed. Therefore organic wool is simply washed and scoured before it is made into mattress toppers. Washing removes the dirt and grease present in wool . Wool is strong, durable and spongy. Wool-A Naturally Rich Fiber

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Merits of wool mattress topper Protects the mattress underneath. Soft and luxurious. Makes summers cool and winters warm. Fits your mattress snugly. Top-notch quality wool to give you great comfort. Wool does not allow a wet environment, so dust mites and mold cannot harm you in any way .

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Wool and temperature regulation Wool regulates body temperature according to seasons. In winter, it traps the body heat to keep you warm. In summer, it absorbs the moisture to keep your body cool.

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The ability of wool to regulate body temperature facilitates excellent sleep. Good sleep refreshes your body and mind and helps you face a challenging day.

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Woolrest Double Fleece Wool Mattress Topper Woolrest wool mattress topper is made from superior wool. A combination of Downs wool and Merino wool makes the wool mattress topper stronger and softer.

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Woolrest Double Fleece wool mattress topper , as the name suggests, is made of wool that has double the density of a regular wool mattress. This has made the Woolrest wool mattress topper very popular and trustworthy. The 60-day money back guarantee assures you of the fine quality of the Woolrest product.

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Good wool is always of a dull white color. White wool implies that it has been bleached. Woolrest wool does not have any chemical residue because it isn’t subjected to chemical processing. How good is white wool?

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Wool and Mother Nature Wool is a ‘green’ product. It helps us make the world an environment- friendly and safer place. Do you love and respect Mother Nature? If you do, you’ll love the Woolrest wool mattress topper too. Get renewed energy while protecting the environment at the same time by using the wool mattress topper.

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For more details about the Woolrest wool mattress topper, contact: Woolrest BioMag c/o ENL Global Inc 3420 Garfield Ave City of Commerce California, CA90040 Toll free 1877 245 3516 Email: [email protected] Website: h ttp://www.woolrestbiomag.com/

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