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Major Problems Faced by Women in India Women in India constitute nearly half of its total population. In ancient India women enjoyed a very high status in our society. However over the past few centuries the status of women has declined. As India turned into a patriarchal society the role of woman became secondary and she was confined to the four walls of her home. In modern India several steps are being taken to elevate the status of women in India. However many women continue to face dire problems all around the country till date. Here are some of the main problems faced by women in India: 1. Gender Discrimination Gender discrimination is a reality in India. Although the Indian constitution provides equal rights to men and women in reality Indian women continue to face discrimination in just about every area. Discrimination against women starts even before their birth. Whether we talk of education or employment gender discrimination affects countless women around the country.

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2. Female feticide and Infanticide Despite strict laws being in place a large number of unborn girls in India are killed every year. Girls are considered a financial burden in many parts of India. The birth of a girl is seen as beginning of financial ruin. Dowry and other evil practices are responsible for such state of women in India. Although a lot of awareness has been generated in recent years quite more needs to be done to eliminate female infanticide in India. 3. Literacy Over the past few decades several steps have been taken to increase women literacy rate in India. Girls-only schools and colleges have played an important role in encouraging conservative Indian families to send their daughters to educational institutions. However many Indian parents still consider girl education a waste of money and time. In rural India countless girls never go to school or drop out before even completing their primary schooling. 4. Crime against Women Right from domestic violence to sexual assaults there are various types of crimes which are recorded against women in India almost all the time. As per the data provided by the

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National Crime Records Bureau around 26 crimes are reported against women every hour. Rape molestation kidnapping trafficking domestic violence and dowry deaths are some of the common crimes committed against women in India. In recent years our society has become more progressive. However women continue to face the above mentioned-problems. In order to uplift the status of women in India the government as well as the society as a whole needs to do more. It is important to acknowledge the role of women in India in nation building and remove all barriers that are preventing women from living happy and fulfilling lives. Womens Web is an online platform where women can talk about all parts of their lives. Founded by Aparna Vedapuri Singh Womens Web focuses on women’s self- development. Its a space where women from all walks of life can share their beliefs and opinions about different issues. Today womens web enjoys a daily readership of over 10000 readers. About Womens Web Womens Web as the name suggests is an online magazine for the woman of today. Women from all walks of life post their blogs and articles on this site. One can find here many topics and tips related to the problems faced by women in their day-to-day life.

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