Exercise Guide For Total Knee Replacement Surgery

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Exercise Guide for Total Knee Replacement Surgery Most of the times total knee replacement surgery is opted because the knee is either damaged due to an injury or arthritis. The defected knee needs the stated treatment procedure when it fails to perform normal daily activities. The patients might also face problems in carrying out simple activities like walking running etc. A total knee replacement surgery in the current times has a high success rate. With the use of modern technology this particular surgery has increased greatly in its efectiveness. Total knee replacement treatment in India is carried out by experienced professionals. Additionally these surgeries are quite cost-efective in India as compared to other locations. Exercise also plays a very important role in improving the knee’s condition. Both before and after the surgery one needs to follow a strict exercise routine. Here is an exercise guide for total knee replacement surgery.  Exercise before surgery Exercising before the surgery can be very helpful. However every person needs a diferent exercise schedule depending upon the condition of the knee. Some simple knee exercises one can perform before the surgery are ankle circles ankle pumps thigh squeezing heel sliding etc. Make sure that you perform these exercises in limits and correctly. If by any chance before the surgery you feel any discomfort it is best to take some guidance from a professional.  Activities to undertake after the surgery

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After the total knee replacement surgery you are bound to feel discomfort in the knee joint because the wound is still healing. However right after the surgery you can try walking short distances which will help in strengthening the joint of the knee. Moreover this light activity also aids in the healing process.  Physical activity for attaining full recovery Full recovery after the total knee replacement surgery might take several months. However after a few weeks of surgery the patient can try doing exercises like knee bends knee stretch sitting kicks etc. Most people opt for total knee replacement treatment in India because of the higher success rate.

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