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*No national executive 
 * No national court system
 * National government could not collect taxes
 * National government could not raise an army 
* National government could not regulate trade ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION

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All of these powers were not included in the Articles of Confederation; however, We needed to secure a strong national government! The Articles were discarded and in place, the Constitution was established so that national government could be strengthened. The Constitution is the giant success that it is mainly because of Articles 1,2, and 3.

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The Government was given more power when its structure was expanded. Before, there was only one legislature. Under the Constitution, there are 3 branches that have a lot of power

Article 1: Legislative Branch : 

Article 1: Legislative Branch This branch of government is important because it is in charge of writing the laws. Congress has a bicameral structure: There’s the Senate and the House of Representatives. Representation is fair with both of these houses because each state gets the same amount of representatives in the Senate and the House of Representatives is based on state population. Powers include: Passing laws Originating spending bills (House) Impeaching officials (Senate) Approving treaties (Senate)

Article 2: The Executive Branch : 

Article 2: The Executive Branch The Executive Branch is very important because it gives the nation a leader. This leader is not a king who is born into rule, but a man or WOMAN that is elected by and for the people. This is an important part of establishing a true democracy. Under the Constitution, this leader is called the president. The President is responsible for the execution and enforcement of the laws created by Congress. Powers include: acts as head of state and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. The President is in charge of enforcing the laws written by Congress and appoints the heads of the federal agencies, including the Cabinet. The Vice President is also part of the Executive Branch, as well as the Cabinet and independent federal agencies are responsible for the day-to-day enforcement and administration of federal laws.

Article 3: The Judicial Branch : 

Article 3: The Judicial Branch Article III: The Judiciary Branch handles all of our country’s issues with justice and the courts. It is extremely important because it keeps the laws in check and keeps the Constitution from violating people’s rights. Powers include: -Federal courts have the sole power to interpret the law, decide if it’s constitutional, and apply it to individual cases Case rulings can be appealed to higher courts if it is believed the ruling is still unjust. It is appealed to Supreme Court which is the supreme law of the land. -This Article states that every person convicted of a crime has the right to a fair trial with a “competent judge” and a jury. -Additional amendments include right to a speedy trial by jury, legal representation, and protection against being tried twice for the same crime.

The reason why our founding fathers didn’t include these divisions of government in the Articles of Confederation was because they feared they would abuse their power like Britain did. : 

The reason why our founding fathers didn’t include these divisions of government in the Articles of Confederation was because they feared they would abuse their power like Britain did.

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Checks and Balances : 

Checks and Balances The idea behind checks and balances is to ensure that each branch is not abusing their power.

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