Fix Common Problems for Samsung Cell Phone Repair

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Please note that these particular Samsung cell phone repair NY tips may not work on all Samsung series or model types. You can try it yourself and see if the issues are solved.


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Fix Common Problems for Samsung Cell Phone Repair:

Fix Common Problems for Samsung Cell Phone Repair Provided by: Wireless Solutions NY


Not all problems require you to ask a professional technician to do the Samsung cell phone repair. Some Samsung cell phone issues can also be fixed by yourself. So before you go to a Samsung cell phone repair NY shop, try these self-help tips first.


Before anything else, be sure to equip yourself with the basics of fixing your Samsung cell phone. Know when do you need to reset your phone to its original factory setting or to its default state. Also, learn how to do the resetting yourself and what common problems can be solved by doing so.


Here is a short list of the common problems that can be fixed by this specific Samsung cell phone repair tips:


Hanging issues Locked cellphones - including unresponsive controls or keypad Outgoing and incoming calls issues Keypad that do not type any character Error sending text messages Slow booting sequence when opening the mobile phone Network problems Lost personal password or secret code


Issues when streaming videos or playing music files Resetting and backup of files Photo uploading errors SIM card not detected Touch screen response problem Speaker and receiver problems


Troubleshooting or resetting your mobile phone can delete all data and files saved in your phone including your photos, music files, contact list, and documents. If there are important files on your phone that you do not want lose, the first thing you should do is to save a backup of all the files.


Once you are done creating the backup of all your files, switch your Samsung mobile phone off and prepare to do the SIM card resetting repair.


Remove the SIM card from your phone and insert it back again. After doing so, turn on your phone. See if the trouble is fixed by performing the common check up actions including calling someone, sending SMS, uploading photos, streaming videos, playing music, and so on. If everything seems to be ok, then you have successfully fixed the problem. However, if you see that the problem is still there, proceed to the next step.


If you are having issues with your password or personal secret code, type *2767*3855# upon rebooting your Samsung mobile. Using this code, your phone will be restored to its original factory setting. Restoring your phone to the original factory setting will delete all the files and the password will be back to its default setting. This time, you can add a new password, something that you can easily remember.


You can also choose the custom reboot option. To do so, just type in *2767*2878# upon switching on your mobile phone. Then, follow the instructions written on the screen.


Restoring your phone to its original factory setting can solve several issues. But there are also some problems that can be fixed by just rebooting your phone or resetting it through simply turning it off and on.



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