How Cancel the Subscription in Your Reckon Accounting Software?


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This presentation represents the way to cancel the subscription in your Reckon accounting software. If you are facing any issue related to it, just give a ring at our number 099509151. For more, info visit our website:-


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What is the way to Cancel the Subscription in Your Reckon Accounting Software?:

What is the way to Cancel the Subscription in Your Reckon Accounting Software?

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In the financial software of Reckon, you are allowed one month to cancel the period to subscribe. But, these subscription settings can be changed as well. In that period, you may either use it normally where you will be billed at the end or arrange it for billing now. The process to cancel isn’t that difficult but it would be hard for an unaware user to do it. Reckon Tech Support renders the in-depth solutions to its users gradually

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Go to the application and tap on the screen wherever you see My Reckon written. Hit the name or the title of the organization which you want to cancel. Now , choose the menu to configure. As the screen redirects, go to the subscription link positioned just below the settings. Choose the option of managing the subscribing link where you will find the utmost solution to the query. Move for the cancellation of subscribing link. Verify it by going to the box of yes. Confirm the selections. The screen would redirect you where you would be asked whether you want to cancel or not. Fill it up as required and confirm the formalities. Deliver your feedback by clicking on the feedback and then, on the send tab.

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Were the above steps relevant? Is your problem resolved? In case you didn’t find any solution to the related problem, contact us at Reckon Support Number New Zealand : 099509151 and resolve the issues completely. Here, a technician works all throughout the year to ultimately pluck out the Reckon related problems. We assure you that we would render you with the best accounting solutions. We have catered our team from the leading engineering universities of the world who are more than 15+ years experienced. The main motive here is “to make a customer satisfied: on all counts.”

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