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As a result of growing focus on energy efficient performance for homes and buildings there is a shift towards the usage of uPVC windows in India. It is also going to achieve a higher and faster market penetration in the years to come.


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Window Magic - A Leading uPVC Windows Dealer 1800 180 5656 Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride uPVC is a strong material. Windows made of this material normally have double glazing and are the industry standard in many countries. uPVC windows and doors improve the insulation in a room. These new energy efficient windows and doors are crucial for maintaining your homes comfort all year long especially during the coldest and hottest months. uPVC windows India enhances home’s energy efficiency with the following ways. GIVE YOUR HOME AN ENERGY MAKEOVER According to a survey of windows and doors there are specific ways to reduce your home energy bills. Roughly 23 energy gets wasted through windows. Window Magic’s experts analyze your home and compare your households windows doors need for energy saving and give recommendations for improvement. START AT THE FRONT A homes front door can play a vital role as one of the first lines of defense against the elements. If a door doesnt close properly or lets in a draft youll pay the price in your utility bills. Check for cracks and any gaps around the door. If issues cant be easily fixed it may be time to replace the door. GLASS MATTERS Window Magic - a leading uPVC windows dealer makes the right energy efficient windows for your home. A window is more than just a pane of glass. Its a complex unit that can be built in a number of

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combinations. These windows feature an insulating glass unit with two or three panes gas fill and a variety of engineering advancements that stop the transfer of heat and cold. DIRECTION OF WINDOWS The direction of windows and doors installation can make a big difference in the suns intensity level within the home. Windows facing towards south and west direction require the highest level of UV protection. For more Information :-

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