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confused between magento and woocommerce? read this blog to get a complete analysis of magento vs. woocommerce and make the right call.


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Magento vs Woocommerce : which is the right choice for you

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being an entrepreneur in the ecommerce industry is no less than walking on the sharp edge of the knife one slip can cut you deep or kill your business. so it is important to make each decision after thorough research and consideration. choosing the right platform for your ecommerce website is one of the main decisions to make. if you are reading this blog then you may have found the two best ecommerce development platforms of 2018. now you are confused between woocommerce vs. magento i’m here to clear your doubts and show you which platform is better amongst magento vs. woocommerce. stay till the end of the blog to also learn what to look for while hiring the best magento development company and best woocommerce development company. Some Facts And Stats Woocommerce • with 47.3 market share woocommerce is the most widely used ecommerce platform. • woocommerce has 10 million+ active users across the globe. • the most visitors that woocommerce get are from usa and india. • woocommerce source code consists of 7 programming languages. Magento • magento is second only to woocommerce when it comes to market share with 13.1. • magento has presently 250000+ active users that have made magento a 50 billion industry. • some of the leading companies using the magento platform for their website are samsung ford olympus nike north face etc. if you can’t wait for an end verdict and are here for just some quick pointers on benefits and drawbacks of both the platforms then here are the pros and cons of woocommerce vs. magento: “if your business is not on the internet then your business will be out of business.” - Bill gates

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Pros And Cons Of Woocommerce Advantages Disadvantages it is an additional plug-in to wordpress so absolutely free. when it comes to scalability database architecture proves to be weak. woocommerce platform has an easy learning curve. most of the features are very basic not unique. it has a large number of themes to choose from. only one free version of woocommerce. many of the extensions are free. large sites feel tough to scale using the woocommerce platform. it has the largest open source community. weak product data capabilities for complex catalogs. in most cases hosting is very cheap. paid extensions and premium themes can cost more. easy to pick up if you have experience with wordpress. integrates with google analytics using an extension. Pros And Cons Of Magento Advantages Disadvantages magento platform supports an unlimited number of products. its enterprise edition may feel costly due to its yearly payment model. includes apis that can connect with any third- party solutions. it has a larger learning curve to use. product creation tools and admin panel is very versatile and simple to learn. not fit for content heavy sites. if your hosting server can store large data magento has no problem handling them. maintenance cost is high. the feature of guest checkout in enabled by default making the purchase without login possible. most of the extensions are paid. integration with paypal authorize.net and other payment modes can be done quickly. hosting this platform is a costly affair. magento has strong b2b ecommerce capabilities. building the front-end website theme is complicated.

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to give a fair verdict for magento vs. woocommerce on the aforementioned points is tough. we must look beyond some general pros and cons and get into more specific details. In-depth analysis of woocommerce unlike magento woocommerce is not an entire platform but an extension of wordpress platform dedicated to ecommerce website development. so making comparisons for magento vs. woocommerce is not technically correct. but woocommerce extension is potent enough to take on magento any day. so we will consider woocommerce as an ecommerce platform henceforth. woocommerce is open source software based on php programming language. being a plugin of wordpress its users are able to use the benefits of wordpress for themselves. woocommerce depends on many other plugins as its own features are limited but due to the support from the largest open source development community woocommerce has no scarcity for plugins. Key features of woocommerce • being a powerful plugin dedicated solely to ecommerce it is capable of handling all ecommerce issues from wordpress admin dashboard. • the woocommerce platform offers an advanced reporting facility for every statistics like the level of inventory sales daily weekly monthly yearly product and customer reviews and overall store performance. • has an option to control tax settings with tax classes and other local tax rates. • supports multiple payment gateways paypal credit/debit card cash on delivery cod etc • has an option to integrate coupon codes discounts usage limits etc. USP of woocommerce • gives full control over code base customization. • thousands of themes and extensions to choose from with paid and free versions. • has the best cms capabilities than any of its present-day competitors. • takes no transaction fees from clients.

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Performance security and costing woocommerce being very lightweight and easy takes almost no time to load unless you add a ton of animations and effects which will hamper not just woocommerce but any platform’s loading time. woocommerce allows its clients to enable many security measures. woocommerce is perfect for companies that already own wordpress sites. such users just need to download and install woocommerce plugin and they are ready to set up their ecommerce site. costing is not a problem as woocommerce plugin is totally free to download and use. In-depth analysis of magento now let’s check the other side of the coin with an in-depth study on magento before deciding which is better amongst woocommerce vs. magento platform. magento software has two versions in the market. the community version is free for everyone to use and the enterprise version is a more advanced and feature-rich which costs you around 18000 per year. woocommerce is more of a community solution while magento is here to offer high-standard company features and make money out of it. this doesn’t mean that small industries or individuals can’t use the magento platform. the earlier mentioned community edition of the platform is for such users who can’t afford paid version. Key features of magento • provides pre-sets and templates to get a perfectly customizable design for your store. • magento offers the ability to set up more than one wish list to the end users. • you can add any number of product attributes. • has an integrated content management system cms. • gives features to perform target marketing merchandising etc. • offers privacy features for purchase to every individual customer. USP of magento • scalability and flexibility are high with magento. • has the highest number of features in the core functionality without any additional extensions. • perfect for b2b ecommerce services. • provides catalog and product management facilities.

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Performance security and costing magento offers very professional and quick responsive websites. most of the loading time of the website depends more on how optimized your images are and if you are using content delivery network cdn or not. charging a hefty amount each year magento takes security very seriously by deploying security patches regularly. the costing is already discussed above if you are a small company that can’t afford 18000 per year then community version is the perfect fit for you. Final thought i believe that it is better that i leave the final verdict of woocommerce vs. magento on you. after registering all the information mentioned above i am sure you have found the right platform for your ecommerce development needs. now that you have decided between magento vs. woocommerce you will need to find the best magento development company and best woocommerce development company. Connect with Us Website: https://excellentwebworld.com/ Email: salesexcellentwebworld.com

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