Troubleshooting for Ricoh Copiers

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Solving Some Troubleshooting for Ricoh Copiers Ricoh is one famous brand name manufacturer of copier machines that you can choose as the best optional choices of equipment for your offices and also personal needs. These copier machines are available in various choices of sizes functions and also abilities. It is one professional choice of copier products that will need a complicated treatment than any other choices of machine you will ever have. In the daily operation you will need to deal with some common troubleshooting techniques that you need to solve. It would be better if you can solve the troubleshooting problem by yourself instead of calling the professional assistant to repair it for you. Generally in some cases you can resolve it by using some simple tools such as a cotton cloth along with some common glass cleaner. If you have a problem with your machine where you cant clear an error code or message on the display you can try to just turn off the machine by holding the power button or switching off the power supply. If that does not work for your machine you can sometimes on some machines try to just unplug the power plug and give it a few moments before powering it back up. Instead of those steps above you may also try to resolve it by restarting your copier machine and leave it for a moment. If you have a paper jam problem you sometimes could have either a beep sound flashing light or error code indication on the control panel when youre trying to restart your machine. In some of the cases the Ricoh copier series models youll have a screen that will show you the exact location of the paper jamming area. In which case you can sometimes try to use if supplied with the supplied paper duster to clean your paper rollers. In addition to that you can also try to keep your glass feeder and scanner parts clean and free from all kinds of dirt. This type of troubleshooting is also used to solve problems by the error codes that are displayed on the control panel screen. If all the steps above do not work very well you can always begin to just call for the nearest Ricoh copier repair service to get a professional involved to get the problems resolved for you. For more info -