William Henry Money Clips: Clip Your Stack of Cash in Style

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http://www.williamhenry.com/ | Learn why money clips are better than wallets and why the variety of men's designer money clips from William Henry are the only ones you’ll ever need (or want). They also happen to make the perfect gift.


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• William Henry is known for design that exudes high-end masculine style class and strength using a variety of unique forged and natural materials. – Materials include sterling silver steel titanium carbon fiber wood lava rock amber sodalite fossilized dinosaur bone etc. • Our mens accessories and luxury gifts include mens money clips necklaces bracelets knives cuff links writing instruments key chains and more.

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• A money clip is lighter smaller and simpler than a wallet lightening the load youre carrying and leaving more room in your pocket. • Money clips are generally constructed from durable metal materials which means they wont wear out as quickly as a fabric or leather wallet. • Wallets can leave a worn line on pants pockets and make jacket pockets sag heavily.

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• When choosing a money clip go for something that keeps a firm grip on your cash is made from durable high-quality materials and complements your personal style. • Consider whether you want a magnetic vs. metal money clip. If you tend to carry cards in your money clip a magnetic clip might pose a risk to your cards magnetic strips. • When using your new money clip only carry the amount of money you need for the day and keep lower denominations on the outside of the stack dont advertise larger bills.

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• Zurich Krypton: aerospace grade titanium frame with carbon fiber inlay and topaz detail. Perfect for the man whose style is simple clean and masculine. • Zurich Mojave: aerospace grade titanium frame with desert ironwood inlay and spessartite detail. A natural medium- dark wood look for a classic style. • Zurich Beech: aerospace grade titanium frame with spalted beech wood inlay and citrine detail. A light natural warm wood design for a somewhat rustic look.

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• Zurich Aruba: aerospace grade titanium frame with fossilized coral inlay and blue topaz detail. A sea-inspired piece for the man whose favorite pastime is relaxing on the beach. • Zurich Panama: Mokume Gane Japanese-style forged material frame with cocobolo wood inlay and smoky quartz detail. An eye-catching clip made with ancient forging techniques. • Zurich Raven: Hand-forged Damascus steel frame with carbon fiber inlay and blazing red topaz detail. A raven black design with a blood red gem for those who like some dark mystery to their look.

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• Zurich Tech: Moku-Ti hand-forged titanium laminate frame with carbon fiber inlay and white topaz detail. A modern clip with striking blue laminate details for the high-tech guy. • Zurich Sunrise: Hand-forged Damascus steel frame with apple coral inlay and spinel detail. A bold orange-red and black design reminiscent of lava snakeskin and all kinds of danger. • Zurich Tucson: Hand-forged Damascus steel frame with Kingman turquoise inlay and white topaz detail. A contrasting black and turquoise piece with an opulent marble-like design.

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• Zurich Cache: Hand-forged Damascus steel frame with fossilized mammoth tooth inlay and diamond detail. A truly rare design featuring real prehistoric fossil material with striking natural stripes of color. • Zurich Rodeo: Hand-carved sterling silver frame with Kingman turquoise inlay and white topaz detail. A bright silver and turquoise piece with hand- carved star and spur details perfect for any high-class cowboy.

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• If youre a woman looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life a William Henry money clip is the perfect combination of designer fashion and practical value. • Money clips are a classy high-quality choice of gift for the Best Man and groomsmen at a wedding. • Congratulate your son on his college graduation or recent promotion with a classic money clip for all of his future income put some starter cash in it for an additional gift.

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William Henry is a world renowned designer and manufacturer of high- end mens jewelry accessories and luxury gifts. Our pieces are made from unique natural hand-forged and high-tech materials for a polished masculine style that is second to none. Explore our selection of money clips and other accessories at www.williamhenry.com

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