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TEFL Job Opportunities:

TEFL Job Opportunities Westhill Consulting Employment

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Your employment opportunities are excellent Travel the world; experience a foreign culture; learn a new language; and improve the futures of many. This is your chance to make a difference . WesthillConsulting & Employment Australia would like to give a warning that the following information though interesting may be illegal. Please watch out for scams. EFL/ESL teachers are in high demand world-wide. You have peace of mind in knowing that if you are a native English speaker and hold a degree we can offer you a Guaranteed Teaching Position after successful completion of both our 4-week TEFL training course and a subsquent one month volunteer teaching assignment (Package B ). If you don’t have a degree and whether you opt for Package A or Package B your job prospects are still excellent. A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate is one of the main qualifications required by learning institutions to teach EFL in a non-English speaking country, or ESL in an English speaking country. Wherever you decide to teach, your internationally recognised Island TEFL certificate will provide you with the credentials required to work as a TEFL teacher abroad or at home .

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It is worth keeping in mind that many schools are now not accepting online TEFL/TESL qualifications (unless there has been a practical teaching component included), or certificates from TEFL/TESL courses of less than 4 weeks duration. Some schools/institutes will also require a degree . TEFL teaching positions are available in government and public schools, colleges, universities, language schools, kindergartens, businesses, the tourism industry, as well as volunteering and one-to-one tutoring opportunities . Here is a list of some of the countries where your internationally recognised TEFL certificate can assist you to find TEFL teaching employment. (Please note we have tried to be as accurate as possible but details may change slightly depending on the institution within each country.)


TEACHING ENGLISH IN ASIA: For a qualified TEFL teacher, Asia offers a diverse range of teaching opportunities and experiences. There is a huge demand for native English speaking TEFL teachers, so there is never a shortage of jobs, and salaries are amongst the highest in the industry. If you hold a degree (not specifically a teaching degree) and a TEFL certificate, you will find it incredibly easy to obtain a position in the country of your choice. Some countries and cities such as Bangkok Thailand, KL Malaysia, Jakarta Indonesia and Ho chi min Vietnam “overlook” the need for a degree, and focus more on a TEFL qualification, provided it is not an online qualification or from a TEFL course of less than 4 weeks’ duration. Salaries for TEFL teachers vary from country to country, depending largely on the cost of living. However, no matter where you teach, you will always find a great variety of cultural experiences. Asia has something for everyone – from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, to the peace and tranquility of the rural areas. Teachers are held in high regard in Asia, and students are very respectful. In some of the poorer countries and regions, paid TEFL teaching employment is scarce and most teachers in those locations are there on voluntary placements. Basic accommodation and meals are sometimes provided.

TEFL in Thailand:

TEFL in Thailand • Average TEFL teacher salary: 25,000-55,000 Baht/ mth • Main TEFL locations: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai , Suratthani , Ayudhya , Khon Kean • TEFL job opportunities: Thailand is alive with TEFL teaching opportunities and is without doubt one of the easiest places in Asia to find TEFL teaching work. The demand for English remains extremely high. A degree is usually asked for, but in reality, there are many TEFL positions available to anyone with an internationally recognised TEFL certificate . • Opportunities exist in a number of areas: Government and private schools, universities, colleges, private language schools, international schools, businesses, the tourism industry. TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT and other such test-preparation classes are also very popular. Private tutoring is also in high demand, and can be a great income supplement to the TEFL teacher . • Thai students are extremely motivated to learn, and hold teachers in high esteem. Their sense of fun makes teaching in Thailand a very satisfying and rewarding experience. The beauty and mystique of this country are the main reasons that it is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and a focal point for TEFL teachers.

TEFL in China:

TEFL in China • Average TEFL teacher salary: Vary enormously. RMB3,000-RMB8,500/ mth • Main TEFL locations: Nationwide • TEFL job opportunities: One of the largest and most densely-populated countries in the world, China is home to a variety of mysterious and influential cultures and exotic religions – all along with a colourful and engaging history. Its beauty and diversity make China a popular destination for TEFL teachers. A country looking to the future, but never forgetting its past, China is the perfect place for those looking to begin their TEFL teaching career . • Generally, TEFL teachers receiving visas through a school in China are not permitted to teach outside of that school. However, this is usually not a problem, since the cost of living in China is very low. Therefore, TEFL teachers in China should be able to live very comfortably on their salaries . • Most TEFL teachers arrange jobs before arriving in China, normally by contacting recruitment agencies or individual employers. Positions in public colleges and universities are often pre-arranged by applying to Chinese embassies or consulates overseas, or to the International Employment Office in Beijing. It is also possible to apply to the provincial Education offices or directly to the institutes themselves (addressed to the Foreign Affairs Office, or Waiban ). With China now engaged in huge levels of international trade, there is a great demand for Business English in the Chinese Commercial sector. Many companies are now setting up their own in-house English teaching programs, and recruit either from the ExPat community, or from overseas .  

TEFL in Indonesia:

TEFL in Indonesia • Average TEFL teacher salary: 6,000,000-8,000,000 Rupiah/ mth (in the big cities ) • Main TEFL locations: Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Solo • TEFL job opportunities: Indonesia is one of the most beautiful, fascinating and culturally absorbing nations in the world. The world’s fifth most populous nation, it has been rapidly recovering from the political and economic instability that rocked the country at the end of the 1990s. The major language schools survived the crisis and continue to be staffed by foreign teachers . • The best TEFL teaching prospects in Indonesia are for those who have completed TEFL training and are willing to sign a 12- or 18-month contract. Most jobs are in Jakarta, though there are also schools in Surabaya, Bandung, Yogayakarta , and Solo (among others ). • Visas are an issue whatever the nationality. Work permit regulations are rigidly adhered to in Indonesia, and all the established schools will apply for a visa permit on your behalf. TEFL teachers must have English as their first language and be nationals of the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, or New Zealand. With more informal teaching positions, it is necessary to leave the country every two months .

TEFL in Japan:

TEFL in Japan • Average TEFL teacher salary: ¥220,000 – ¥320,000 per month • Main TEFL locations: Tokyo, Osaka • TEFL job opportunities: The prospect of working in Japan attracts thousands of TEFL teachers each year. The demand for English remains strong, although recession in the late 1990s resulted in the closure of some major companies, when fewer Japanese people were willing to pay for expensive English lessons. Consequently, competition for teaching jobs has become more acute. Be prepared to spend a sizeable sum of money while conducting the job hunt, because of the high cost of living in Japanese cities. Once established, the financial rewards can be considerable. • There are several different options open to people looking for a TEFL teaching job: eikaiwa schools, the JET program and private primary, secondary and third-level schools. Once you’ve got yourself established with a job and a valid visa status, there is also the possibility of teaching lessons privately. • The most common means of recruitment after the internet is by advertising in English language newspapers. A university degree is a requirement in order to obtain a work permit to teach .

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