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B aldwin B B T he Difference you can sense

Baldwin Inc.:

Baldwin Inc. Always Creating the Best for the Best

Mission Statement::

Mission Statement: Provide the best sensors in the low-tech network server sensor market segment, while maintaining a profitable presence in the high-tech segment.

Market Segments :

Market Segments Low Tech Market : Pfmn Size Price Baker 8.4 11.5 $29.99 BOOM 8.5 11.4 $33.99 Baxter 9.3 10.8 $32.99 High Tech Market : Pfmn Size Price BOOKER 12 7.9 $41.99 Banana 12.4 7.3 $42.99


Competition: Andrews Chester Digby Erie Ferris

Capacity & Automation :

Capacity & Automation The break down Capacity Automation Baker 575 3.0 Boom 294 1.7 Baxter Booker 224 1.0 Banana


Management Steps for decisions: Analyze the information form fast track Brainstorm the different choices Evaluation of alternatives Select the best alternative Execute the decision Evaluate the results

Critical incidents:

Critical incidents Issued dividend too early Product prices were higher than competition Domino effect

Forecast from 2024:

Forecast from 2024 Total ROS 10% ROA 23.6% ROE 43.9% EBIT 22.1 million Asset Turnover 2.36 Stock Price $44.75

Sales Forecast 2024:

Sales Forecast 2024 Baker Boom Baxter Booker Banana Total Sales in $ Low Tech: $47,654 Low Tech: $12,814 Low Tech: $3,811 High Tech: $8,912.50 High Tech: $10,258.57 High Tech: $19,171.07 Low Tech: $64,279 Sales in Units Low Tech: 1,571 Low Tech: 368 Low Tech: 351 High Tech: 625 High Tech: 707 High Tech: 1,332 Low Tech: 2,290


QUESTIONS? Please feel free to visit our website at www.baldwinsensors.com Or contact us personally at 1-800-BAL-DWIN