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Wash Me Whip:

Wash Me Whip Presented to investors

Business Idea and Model:

Business Idea and Model P rovide high end quality vehicle cleaning and detailing. Customer health Longevity

Why are we unique:

Why are we unique Attention to detail V ehicle specific detailing system (VSDS for short ) We’re better and quicker!

Profit Information:

Profit Information No start-up costs No transportation costs No supplies costs Total net profit = $100

More of what we do:

Wash & Detail More of what we do

A successful business:

A successful business R eached financial goals! Delivered unmatched detailing service! Ever growing!

What would I have done differently?:

What would I have done differently? Create a list of potential clients Hire help Ask for referrals Talk to more people

Why should you invest?:

Why should you invest? Low future transportation costs Low future supplies costs High and quick returns