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Pablo Escobar Wife Maria Victoria Henao Pablo Escobar Family Today In this article we will describe too many things about Pablo Escobar wife. Peoples in minor numbers know about Pablo Escobar’s wife. Pablo Escobar was the most wanted cocaine smuggler from U.S.A. And the name of his wife is Maria Victoria Henao. Maria Victoria Henao and the late Pablo Escobar never left their hands in the business of Escobar’s drugs records and sexual affairs with many prostitutes. After the death of Escobar Maria faced too many difficulties. As in the life of Escobar she enjoys her being too much. For example Maria has lived that kind of Luxurious life that you can just imagine. But unfortunately these all circumstances dramatically changed after the murder of her husband in 1993 by Colombian law in force men agencies. Escobar and Maria Henao got married in 1976 before Escobar became the lord of the Cocaine business. This couple lived and enjoyed 17 years of marriage together. Both of them marriage relation ended with Escobar’s death in 1993. After the Escobar’s death what happened to the family of Escobar To know this stay with me. But first of all we will discuss that how both of them Maria Victoria Henao and Pablo Escobar got married. The marriage of Escobar and Maria: They met when Pablo was 25 and Maria was 13 and they started dating after their first meeting. When they met their offense business was on the low scale. And Maria’s brother name Mario was working with Escobar on these days. Maria’s family was not happy to see both of them in a relationship because of Escobar’s drug business. As they assumed Escobar socially humble.

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Pablo Escobar and Pablo Escobar’s Wife Relationship: The drug lord from Columbia and also a narco-terrorist name Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria Henao tied the knot of their relationship in March 1976. The pair had met first time before two years of their marriage. Maria Henao was only 13 years old at the time of marriage. Pablo Escobar first time reach and met with Maria Hanao through her brother. As I first describe that the family of Maria did not accept the relation of Maria with Pablo but even in that situation they continue dating with each other. At last they got married in 1976. The age of Maria was just 15 and Pablo Escobar was 26 years old at the time of marriage. This couple has two children. One is the baby boy and the second is the baby girl. Pablo’s son has known with the name of Sebastián Marroquín. The first baby was born in 1977. After seven years of Sebastián Marroquín’s birth they have blessed with a little girl. They give her with the name of Manuela in 1984. Cocaine lord was in various affairs although he was still married to Henao. Even Pablo’s wife stayed together with him as she knows all about his relationships with other ladies. Pablo Cheats Maria Hanao: Henao didn’t try to leave her husband for just one time even she knows that her husband cheats her many times. She stayed with him for the sake of her love with Escobar and also for the children till the end of his life. She enjoyed too much the success of Escobar even the prime-point in his career of cocaine. At that time Pablo has the Net worth of 30.0 billion. She also faced too much difficulty because of some spies that are in the hunt for Escobar’s family. So she also changes their living place from one country to another. But unfortunately they all are captured by the Police.

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Maria Victoria Henao after the Death of Pablo Escobar: In December 1993 Escobar had killed by the police forces of Colombia and after the death of Pablo his family faces a lot of difficulties. Escobar’s family lost all of his assets since he had occupied by the authorities of Colombia. Maria Victoria Henao leaves Colombia in 1994 along with her two children. They face too many hurdles even passed by the worse situation. Many of the countries refused to accept them. So only one position on them is to live as refugees in any country. They live in many countries as a refuge. So when they are in Argentina Maria Hanao lived their secretly in an apartment of Buenos Aires with her two children and also she used a fake identity to live at theirs. She changed named off three of them. The new names are to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero daughter’s name to Juana Manuela Marroquín and changed her son’s name to Santos Sebastian Marroquin. The identity of Pablo Escobar Wife: Their originality couldn’t remain secret in any case for a long time and in 1999 Argentina’s government came to know the real truth behind the main thing of this total criterion. In 2000 Henao had charged with money laundering case along with her son. And both them had in imprisoned for near about 15 months. Thus they were released after the prosecution in the court and due to the lake of relevant evidence. She does not own her husband reputation and any criminal record. Now a day’s she is living a quiet life. Maybe she is living and stay too far from the boundary of Colombia keeping them too low profile. The Netflix’s series Narcos wants for Escobar’s family to again participate in the business of Cocaine once again. Brazilian actor Wagner Moura make o movie on the complete story of Pablo Escobar’s and he wins millions of heart through his story. After her trial statement in 2000 Maria Henao hasn’t come out in the media.

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Pablo Escobar Son and Daughter Pablo Escobar wife has one son and one daughter. Once time that Juan Pablo and Manuela Escobar paid a large amount of money because they have caught when they have much amount of guns in 1993. They were rapidly required exist a doubtful life because they have not drug lord defense and cannot have financial security. When they hear that they have not a security and safety so they decided to leave this country and gone from another country.

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