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Academic Survival:

Academic Survival Presentation based on: Downing, Skip. On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and Life, 3 rd Ed. Mastering Self-Management


Self - Management Successful Students Act on purpose, choosing deeds that move them on course to their goals and dreams. Struggling Students Wait passively or wander from one unpurposeful activity to another.


Self -Management Successful Students Employ self-management tools, regularly planning and carrying out purposeful actions. Struggling Students Live disorganized, unplanned lives, constantly responding to whims of the moment.


Self -Management Successful Students Develop self-discipline, showing commitment, focus, and persistence in pursuing their goals and dreams. Struggling Students Quit or change course when their actions don’t lead to immediate success.

Acting on Purpose:

Acting on Purpose Quadrant I Actions – are important activities done under the pressure of deadlines. Quadrant II Actions – are important activities done without the pressure of looming deadlines. Quadrant III Actions – are unimportant activities done with a sense of urgency. Quadrant IV Actions – are simply time wasters. Urgent Not Urgent Important Not Important

Acting on Purpose:

Acting on Purpose Urgent Not Urgent Quadrant I Actions – Example: Staying up all night cramming for an 8:00 a.m. test. Quadrant II Actions – Example: Creating a study group in the first week of the semester. Quadrant III Actions – Example: Attending a hastily called meeting that has nothing to do with your goals. Quadrant IV Actions – Example: Mindlessly watching television until 4:00 a.m. Important Not Important

PowerPoint Presentation:

Acting on Purpose Urgent Not Urgent Quadrant I Putting out brushfires Only moderate success Stress filled life Quadrant II Creators Purposeful action Success Quadrant III Victims Activities that are unimportant to our own goals and dreams. Quadrant IV Time wasters Important Not Important

Employing Self- Management Tools:

Employing Self- Management Tools There is no such thing as time management – only self-management! The secret of mastering effective self-management is maximizing time spent in Quadrants I and II.

Self-Management Tools:

Self-Management Tools Monthly calendars Daily action list or “to do” lists Tracking forms

Developing Self-Discipline:

Developing Self-Discipline Three essential ingredients for self-discipline Commitment Focus Persistence


Commitment Commitment is the outcome of staying focused and being persistent!

Staying Focused:

Staying Focused Focus is self-discipline in thought. The Inner Defendant (sayings like – boring teachers , schedule stinks, getting over the flu, better next semester , etc.) and the Inner Critic (sayings like – too old, too dumb , never could do math, etc.) are the two biggest enemies of focus. Remember to keep your Inner Guide (sayings like – “What are my dreams and goals?) strong and regain focus by revisualizing your life plan.


Persistence Persistence is self-discipline in action. Persistence can best be found by asking the question: Do you LOVE YOURSELF enough to stay on task to accomplishing your dreams?


Procrastination Procrastination is the hole that sinks many ships! If your dreams are important to you, what are you waiting for? Will you make a 32-day commitment?

Self-Management & Self-Confidence:

Self-Management & Self-Confidence Genuine self-confidence results from a history of success, and a history of success results from persistently taking action. Build your success identity by persisting in whatever you struggle doing until it become a success for you.

Self-Management & Self-Confidence:

Self-Management & Self-Confidence Celebrate your successes and talents The praise we give ourselves is more important than the praises of all others. Find a way of recognizing and rewarding your successes.

Self-Management & Self-Confidence:

Self-Management & Self-Confidence Visualize purposeful action Visualize what you need to do to make your success, then take purposeful action to do these things. Adopt the I CAN attitude.