How Vaping Helped People say no to Cigarettes

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How Vaping Helped People say no to Cigarettes?:

How Vaping Helped People say no to Cigarettes? Vape is also known as e-cigarettes and is a modern way of vaping cigarettes without having to combust it or inhaling toxic substances like tar, carbon monoxide, lead, etc. There are dedicated services that help users  buy vape cartridges online  along with its other components.   Cigarettes were initially designed to smoke tobacco but with time as more cigarette companies came into action, they contained harmful cancer-causing chemicals that further resulted into premature deaths, heart and lung diseases. It not only affects vital organs like kidneys, lungs etc but every organ in the body.   The person smoking a cigarette not only inhales the burnt tobacco but its additives. Thousands of them, 70 of which cause cancer. Over the years authorities, companies and several NGOs have taken up challenges to help people quit smoking through campaigns, advertisements and educating them on several fronts and ill effects of smoking .


With the discovery of vapes , the world came a step closer to quitting cigarettes.   There is a lot of information on the internet about Vaping being as bad as smoking cigarettes. This arises from generalisation and lack of understanding about the concept.   Vapes are nothing but e-cigarettes that are seen as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. It does not contain contaminants that combustible cigarettes carry. Therefore, it is considered safe.   How safe is it ?   The primary reason people choose vape over the combusted cigarettes is that it eliminates the harmful chemicals that cause harm to our body in the long run .


Although it does contain nicotine which is highly addictive, there are no toxic chemicals found and the user inhales a liquidized nicotine along with vegetable glycerin and other chemicals that are needed for flavouring purposes. Vaping is fairly new to the market. So, the impact is not yet known.   Cost implications :   Vaping has a larger initial investment with the purchase of the hardware. A trusted brand costs not less than $40 for a starter kit. Post which the cost involves refilling of cartridges, batteries, atomizers, etc if need be. One cartridge contains fluid that is enough for 250 puffs.   Additionally, there are  vape cartridges buy online  that allow users to purchase them at a reasonable price and barring the initial cost, vaping turns out to be cheaper than smoking cigarettes in the long run and it is accessible at your convenience .


Source Are you on the right side ?   Smoking cigarettes is looked down upon in many countries to the point where governments had to ban smoking in public places with some countries such as Canada, Columbia, Malaysia, smoking is not even allowed in designated spaces or workplace .