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Patient Results :

Patient Results

Nick: 130lb. Weight Loss :

Nick: 130lb. Weight Loss Nick has lost 130 pounds in 7 months and is continuing to maintain throughout his maintenance program.

Jason: 65lb. Weight Loss :

Jason: 65lb. Weight Loss As a professional amateur bowler and avid golfer my weight gain had started to take a toll over the years on my physical game. I have lost over 65 pounds in 12 weeks through the Fast Trak program at Midwest Weight Control.

Andrew: 70lb. Weight Loss :

Andrew: 70lb. Weight Loss I started the Fast Trak program at Midwest Weight Control in April of 2009 and in 22 weeks I have lost 70 lbs. It has been easier than I ever imagined possible. The program is laid out for you and the support you get at the clinic is phenomenal.

Abby: 60lb. Weight Loss :

Abby: 60lb. Weight Loss I stepped on the scale and saw that not only had I gone over the dreaded 200 mark…I was only 3 pounds away from 230. I had been struggling with food my whole life, but it had caught up with me. I felt addicted to food and hopeless, like nothing I could possibly do would ever help.

Shani: 51lb. Weight Loss :

Shani : 51lb. Weight Loss I started with Midwest Weight Control doing the Fast Track program in June, 2009. By September 2009, I was 50 pounds lighter! I am still losing now in maintenance and have reached a 60 pound weight loss goal! I have tried diet after diet in the past with nothing ever working.

Mike: 44 lb. Weight Loss :

Mike: 44 lb. Weight Loss I started at Midwest Weight control in July of 2008. At the time I started I weighed 239 pounds. I have battled weight my entire life.

Bernadette: 96 lb Weight Loss :

Bernadette: 96 lb Weight Loss I started the Fast Trak program at Midwest Weight Control with a girlfriend of mine, who also has had wonderful results. Eleven months later, I’m down 96 pounds and counting. This huge change in my life has been exhilarating. The healthy habits have rubbed off on my family too.


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