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Wesley Yuhn of Tampa working in ACHDP has shared a presentation on pay per call vs pay per click. Watch the presentation & know what are the importance of both.


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Wesley Yuhn Chief Sales Officer ACH Direct Processing DBA ACHDP.com Tampa, FL.

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Is Pay Per Call Advertising the Same as Pay Per Click? With all the fancy new methods of contacting people, advertising your services and products and getting people’s attention, is Pay per Call any less complicated and expensive than Pay per Click? If you are the advocator of the old school of marketing through television, radio and print, you’ll be familiar with the pay per call ads as those that end with “the next 500 callers will get xxx free”. These ads have been running since the 1950s.

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Pay Per Call For Mobile Devices Pay per call for mobile devices are designed to inspire without using gimmicks. Additionally, these mobile marketing ads work to increase sales leads for business2business as well as direct marketing to consumers. This is something that the television ads are unable to do.

Benefits of Pay per Call Advertising:

Benefits of Pay per Call Advertising ROI – Focused and measurable advertising You can target specific demographics or combinations of specific demographics such as combining area, age and gender Pay per Call conversion to sales is 2 times of what outbound lead generation calls produce Pay per Call reaches an interested consumer immediately

Inbound vs. Outbound Lead Calling:

Inbound vs. Outbound Lead Calling Pay per Call is an inbound calling campaign in which only those interested in your product are going to be calling. Compared to outbound lead calling, this methodology avoids the delays from the moment that your sales department gets the lead until they are able to actually talk to the party who may no longer be interested.

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Expert Views on Click2Call & Pay Per Call Advertising According to one of the top experts in Click2Call and Pay Per Call Advertising as a mobile marketing strategy, Wesley Yuhn , “ Click2Call works hand in hand with Pay per Call advertising . In many cases, they are basically the same but they can be separated into campaigns with each supporting the other. In the highly competitive world of virtual marketing, companies need to consider budgeting for as many types of advertising as the wallet allows, especially those that support each other.”

Which Products and Services Are Most Suitable to Pay Per Call? :

Which Products and Services Are Most Suitable to Pay Per Call? Education industries including text books, certification and college courses and supplies for educators Health and Welfare industries including medical devices, pharmaceutical supplies and pain relievers Insurances Personal Computer and Tech Support Home services including home health care assistants, plumbers, electricians, contractors and interior decorators Branded products that consumers are familiar with such as Delonghi coffee makers, Kitchen Aid products and Black and Decker tools Travel industries including airline tickets, travel and tour services Rehabilitation services for drug or alcohol abuse

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Thankful Message Wesley Yuhn would like to thank you for watching this short presentation. Follow Wesley Yuhn on Twitter to keep updated with his latest technologies. Find his twitter link below: https://twitter.com/WesleyYuhn1 Know more about Wesley Yuhn at: http://www.wesleyyuhn.com/

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