How to Protact and Manage your Customer’s Data, if you are Self-Employ


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At, the self-employed can now manage and secure their customer’s data and manage their jobs and their business from one dashboard; easily and affordably.


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How to Protect and Manage your Customer’s Data if you are Self-Employed Until now the self employed used to use anything to keep their customer’s details safe and confidential. Most of the self-employed do not use software to manage their jobs or customers details. We understand the reasons why they don’t use such software not only to keep this information but also to protect their customer’s data. And their reasoning is justified when most of the CRM platform or software applications available in the market are not designed for the self-employed. Today’s CRMs have too many features and they can be costly. At the self employed UK can now manage and secure their customer’s data and manage their jobs and their business from one dashboard easily and affordably. From now on if you are self-employed with Wemoveon you can: ● Add contact details of customers professionals and suppliers from or outside the platform. ● Send emails add and view notes. ● Create Tasks and set up reminders. ● Import your existing customer list. ● Manage and view Tasks notes and emails you send to your contact list.

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● Modify Notes and Tasks from one place. ● Tag your Tasks as To-do Ongoing or Done. We will never stop working with the self-employed to improve those systems and ensure that these solutions remain simple affordable and most importantly accessible. We understand that being self-employed is not an easy task We aim to help you grow your business by providing the right tools and a platform that will make your business grow. Step by step – This is how you can manage your customers jobs and connections: 1. From your dashboard click on the left menu My Customers or My Connections depends on which type of contact you like to add 2. From here you can add your contact selecting the type for example if your customer or connection is a person or a company 3. Once you’ve filled your contact information click on save 4. Then click on their profile picture to open their profile 5. From here you can send them an email create notes regarding your contact or a job or create a task. 6. You can view all your activity by navigating to Dashboard left menu Activity Feed. 7. From the activity feed page you can keep track of your communication with your customers and all of the emails notes and tasks will be displayed here. 8. When creating tasks you can also set up reminders and change the task status to Ongoing or Done. Wemoveon will not only save you time and effort but it will also save you money For the price of three coffees per month £7.99 you as a self-employed can now manage your business like a PRO. Wemoveon – everything you need all in one place.

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