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Impact of obesity on health World Health Organisation WHO defines obesity as a disorder which is characterised by abnormal built up of fat cells which influence the life of a person in a negative manner. There has been a progressive increase of obesity cases since past 30 years on account of sedentary lifestyle rise of fast food culture and consumption of alcohol among others. An obese person usually gets vulnerable to many diseases that then create issues of mental emotional and social origin. Here we define the set of issues that affect an obese person. Threat of co-morbid disorders Obesity gives rise to many co-morbid conditions related to heart renal functioning metabolism as well as orthopaedic disorders which negatively impacts the life quality. Obese person is also less physically active on account of shortness of breath and he or she also faces a hard time in competing with peers. This situation further leads to increased weight gain as calorie consumption is usually far more than what is burned. Impact on female population In case of females obesity may lead to development of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. She may also start to suffer from low back pain and develop knee osteoarthritis. An obese female also faces issues in contraception and fertility and there is an increased possibility of having to undergo caesarean section. In severe cases there may be situations of negative pregnancy outcomes like malformations and neonatal mortality. Even after child birth she may feel a decrease in intent initiation and length of breastfeeding. Research further suggests that an obese female may develop multiple cancers like ovarian and cervical among others. Psychological disorders These issues are fairly common in teenagers where obese person faces social stigma due to negative stereotypes that surround it. He or she may be less likeable in the group which may lead to low self-esteem in comparison to fitter peers. In a due course of time the child may start feeling lonely and withdraw himself from society thereby leading to depression.

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It is best to treat obesity before it gives rise to physical and psychological issues. We at Welltopia have the presence of best obesity specialist doctor in Delhi who utilise latest technologies and medical practices to diagnose manage and treat your issues. In case you are suffering from any obesity related issue then it is best to connect without obesity specialist in Delhi who will give you the best advice on how to deal with the issue. Drop us a mail or call us for further enquiry. Thank you for reading this. Dr. Sandeep Gupta Director Welltopia www.welltopia.in

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