The Why and How of Diabetes a complete guide

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The Why and How of Diabetes – a complete guide The food we eat has an important bearing on the day to day sugar levels governing our blood stream. Diabetes infamously comes under the category of lifestyle diseases where the blood sugar level shoots up and is considered high. The glucose level in our blood is determined by the food we eat that acts as the source of energy to our body. The insulin in our body which is a hormone synthesized in the pancreas plays a key role here. It aids the glucose reach the cells so that maximum energy of the food is assimilated. But if the body doesn’t ensure this process the insulin goes wasted here and the glucose level doesn’t reach the cells as they are intended to. Poorly cared diabetes will pave way to innumerable health issues and burgeoning medical bills. Any kind of diabetes is serious even if it is a borderline case. Let us look at different types of diabetes:  Type 1 diabetes – This happens when our body fails to make insulin. The loss of insulin lets excessive glucose remain in our blood which has repercussions on heart eyes kidneys and teeth. Most affected of this type are children and young adults not ruling out that it can affect any age. Some of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes are 1 getting thirsty 2 frequent urination 3 tired and hungry most of the times 4 blurry eyesight and 5 loss of weight.  Type 2 diabetes – This is the most common type of diabetes and can occur in any age group. It happens because the insulin made in the body is not getting used up or is underused to serve the purpose. Most affected people are the ones who have crossed 45 years and/or

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possess a host of problems like obesity and high blood pressure. Type 2 diabetes also has a genetic factor embedded in it. If your close family member has been diagnosed you stand a greater chance of developing it. Age too has an important bearing on type 2 diabetes. The older you get the greater chances are of developing it.  Gestational diabetes – this type of diabetes develops in pregnant women and usually vanishes away when the baby is delivered. Anyone who has suffered from this condition is likely to be susceptible to type 2 diabetes later in their life. Till date only 2 – 10 women are feared to suffer the condition which goes away after the delivery. The best Diabetologist in Delhi recommends a healthy meal plan and effective physical workout regime to ensure that the insulin is used better which will help them convert glucose into energy. Many people also resort to taking Insulin injections on a regular basis to level their sugar glucose levels to acceptable levels. The renowned diabetes specialists in Delhi have also provided an alternative to Insulin injections in the form of ‘oral agents’ that helps produce insulin in the body. They also feel that people with any type of diabetes should also ensure to visit a specialist every 6 months to ensure that it is under control. One thing that will save you from the stress of the disease is a regular and healthy meal diet plan combined with a strenuous work-out. This will rejuvenate the body and the mind and will give us the required energy to fight out diabetes. It is the right time to sit back and observe if you have any symptoms because it is never too late to take steps to lower your chance of developing and aggravating it.

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