Composite in Aircraft Parts

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Authored By: Munnam Ali:

Authored By: Munnam Ali

Composite Material In Aircraft Parts:

Composite Material In Aircraft Parts

Boeing 737:

Boeing 737 Sandwich panels Floor structure Carbon Composite Fuselage construction Wingspan Rudder Elevator Flaps Engine cowling Ailerons Boeing 747 Honeycomb structure Ceiling, Window panels Fiberglass Fairings Control surfaces

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Boeing 757 Graphite Inboard spoilers Inboard ailerons Outboard ailerons Nose gear doors graphite/fiberglass Elevators Rudder Engine cowlings Aramid Strut forward and aft fairings Fin tip Wing tips Stabilizer tips Hybrid Wing-to-body fairing Fixed trailing edge panels Fin Fixed Trailing Edge Panels Horizontal Stabilizer fixed trailing edge panels

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Hybrid Flap track fairings Outer flap Fiber glass Fixed leading edge upper & lower panels Spoiler Radome Vertical stabilizer Graphite Aramid fiber glass Engine cowling Belly fairing skin Aramid Pylon fairings Flap track fairings Boeing 767

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Fiber Glass Fixed trailing edge panels Vertical stabilizer (only between rudder & vertical stabilizer ) Aluminum alloy Leading edge Leading edge Vertical fin Carbon laminate composite Fuselage skin Wing span (right & left) Vertical stabilize   Carbon sandwich composite Wing tips Rudder Elevators & Jet engine cowling Boeing 787


AIRBUS A300 Carbon Laminate Vertical stabilizer Wing span skin Horizontal stabilizer Tail cone skin Ailerons Fiber glass Over wing panel Spoilers Belly fairing skin Sandwich structure Rudder Engine cowling Flap track fairings Elevator Aramid Speed brakes Pylon fairings


A-310 Kevlar/carbon/ glass Rudder Leading & trailing edge of vertical stabilizer Karman Flap fairing Radome Flaps Ailerons Spoilers CFRP Engine cowling (right & left) Fairings Central torsion box Horizontal stabilizer Landing gear doors GFRP Belly fairing skin Vertical stabilizer AFRP Radome A-318


A330 CFRP Landing gear door Main landing gear doors Pylon fairings Nacelles cowlings AFRP Radome CFRP  Fixed leading edge upper & lower panels Vertical stabilizer HYBRID (G+C) Belly fairing skins Pylon fairings GFRP Fin box attachment fin Fuselage fairing Pylon fairing Rudder Tip CFRP MLG doors Flap back faring Ailerons Wings NLG doors AFRP Radome Pylon faring A340

HondaJet N420HA:

HondaJet N420HA CRFP Fuselage Structure Nose cone Honey comb cored sandwich tail cone. Internal fuselage

Mitsubishi Regional Jet(MRJ):

Mitsubishi Regional Jet(MRJ) Carbon Fiber Tail Main Airframe Aluminum Fuselage Main Wings

Bombardier CRJ 100/200:

Bombardier CRJ 100/200 CFRP Wings

ATR 42-500:

ATR 42-500 Carbon/ Nomex sandwich Rudder Elevator Flaps Ailerons Slats Engine cowling Cabin Floor panels Fiberglass / polyurethane foam/Carbon spar Vertical Fins Propeller Blades Carbon Monolithic structure  Vertical & Horizontal Stabilizer

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CFRP Rudder Vertical Stabilizer Titanium Pylon Support McDonnell Douglas DC 10

Dassault Falcon 10:

Dassault Falcon 10 Carbon/Epoxy Ribbed panels Wing Box Metallic pieces Wing & Fuselage Attachment Landing gear Wing box

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Monolithic & Honeycomb Structure Horizontal stabilizer Vertical stabilizer Nose Fuselage Monolithic Tail cone Wing let Metallic Ribs RTI process with spars & planks Bombardier Learjet 85

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