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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD Every child deserves to live the life of his dreams Don’t let ADHD hamper his path towards greater glory Help your Loved One Regain Mental Stability Quality Health and Peace of Mind with ADVANCED HOMEOPATHY

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Amazing Facts and Figures About ADHD • Millions of children below age of 17 suffer from ADHD worldwide. • 65 of children with ADHD are defiant non-compliant or disobedient and throw temper tantrums. • 25 of students with ADHD have serious learning problems in at least one of these areas: oral expression listening skills reading comprehension and maths. • Did you know that Walt Disney Albert Einstein John F. Kennedy and many more great men also suffered from ADHD If your child is also one of them do not worry To find a Superior Solution

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What is ADHD • A neurodevelopmental type of psychiatric disorder • Child shows significant and persistent problems with attention with excessive activity and/or impulsiveness. • Affects their daily routine. • It creates several problems in multiple aspects of life including relationships social interactions as well in school or workplace. • Usually begins between the ages of 6 and 12 years

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Essential Features of ADHD • Frequent and persistent pattern of inattention and hyperactivity and/or impulsivity significantly greater than other kids of similar age. • Symptoms of hyperactivity impulsiveness or inattentiveness may develop before the age of 7 years. • There must be clearly evident disturbances in social academic or occupational functioning. • The disturbance does not occur as a result of a Pervasive Developmental Disorder Schizophrenia or any Psychotic disorder. To know more click

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What happens in ADHD ADHD Symptoms Inattentiveness Hyperactivity Impulsiveness Every case of ADHD presents with a unique picture of its own. There is a myriad of symptoms that can manifest in a patient. The ADHD symptoms are broadly classified as follows:

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What happens in ADHD Inattentiveness • Inability to concentrate on one task • Constant change of activity or task • Difficulty in organizing tasks. • Decreased attention span. • Easily distracted • Making careless mistakes for example in schoolwork • Losing and forgetting things • Being unable to stick to tasks that are tedious or time consuming • Inability to listen to or carry out instructions.

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• Cannot sit still especially in calm or quiet surroundings • Constantly moving legs and hands • Unable to complete tasks in given time • Excessive talking and physical movement Hyperactivity What happens in ADHD Impulsiveness • Impatience • Act without thinking about consequences • Interrupting while others are speaking • Inability to recognize potentially serious or dangerous situations. To know more click

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What Causes ADHD Exact cause is not known. Some factors associated with ADHD are: • Heredity: ADHD tends to run in families. • Artificial colours added to Food: Some researchers have found correlation between ADHD and artificial colours/preservatives although it is not conclusive. • Exposure to toxins during pregnancy: Active or passive smoking alcohol and drug abuse by mother during pregnancy affects neuropsychiatric development of the child possibly causing ADHD.

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What are the Risk Factors for ADHD • Premature birth • Trauma to the head during delivery • Low birth weight • Excessive exposure to television • Male child is at greater risk than female child.

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What can ADHD lead to Difficulty in coping up with life: • Inability to define priorities. • Lags behind in all fields of life including completing schoolwork meeting deadlines being on time etc. Failure in academics and job: • Hurried and impulsive behavior leads to reduced productivity at school and workplace.

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What can ADHD lead to Relationship problems: • Behavioral problems like uncontrollable anger contribute to erratic and anti- social conduct that tend to strain relationships with parents siblings peers and colleagues. Suicidal disposition: • Inability to control behavior makes the sufferer frustrated and makes him feel that it is better to end this life.

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Do’s and Don’ts Do’s • Counseling is a must to the patient and family of the ADHD children. • Behavioral therapy on a long term basis helps the patient to cope up with the environment. • Social skills’ training teaches the patient to manage anger and impulsiveness.

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Dos and Don’ts Do’s • Meditation and exercises help to improve concentration. • Sticking to a routine helps the child to develop discipline and order. See that the child goes to bed at the same time everyday and wakes up at the same time in the morning. Avoid computer games or watching TV an hour before sleep to calm the mind.

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Dos and Don’ts Don’ts • Never be critical of the child’s mistakes. • Never tell an ADHD-afflicted child that he is “suffering from a disease”. Instead tell him that it is a different side of his personality. • Never make a big fuss about ADHD. It is completely manageable with the right treatment

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Diet and Nutrition Food to Include: • Fresh vegetables fruits and salads provide enough vitamins minerals and anti- oxidants which are good for the brain. • High protein diet rich in eggs fish pulses meat nuts. • Food rich in omega 3 fatty acids like fish walnuts and milk.

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Diet and Nutrition Food to Avoid: • Refined Food like sugar and gluten-rich diet like wheat refined flour etc. • Food containing artificial sweeteners food dyes preservatives caffeine ajinomoto MSG.

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Homeopathic Approach • Homeopathy is the most scientific time-tested and natural way of healing. • Homeopathy treats the disease in the gentlest way and ensures eradication of the root cause. • Homeopathy acts upon the mind and body of the individual thus providing a holistic healing touch to the individual. • Homeopathy is an individualized method which treats each patient differently on the basis of his/her uniqueness.

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Homeopathy for ADHD • Homeopathy gives amazing results for the treatment of many psychiatric diseases like ADHD. • Homeopathy stabilizes the mind of the patient and provides an improved mental as well as physical health. • Homeopathy enhances the power of the mind and brain to heal and modify itself for the better. • Homeopathy reduces the aggressiveness restlessness and obstinacy of the child. • Homeopathy promotes a happy constructive productive creative development of the child. For complete details of Homeopathic treatment

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Homeopathic Medicines • Sudden onset of symptoms with extreme fear of imaginary things violence child attempts to run away: Belladonna • ADHD with impaired memory absent mindedness and lack of confidence in himself: Anacardium • Children who want affection but unable to express their emotions: Aurum Met • Headstrong children who are peevish and cross and show marked lack of attention: Silicea We have numerous remedies which are differentiated based on different striking symptoms of each individual case. For example: Homeopathic medicines are prescribed in varying intensities according to various individual cases. Self-medication can harm you and must be strictly avoided

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• ADHD can manifest differently in different individuals. Each case is a unique one. How can the medicines prescribed be the same for different individuals • There are more than 100 wonderful remedies for ADHD. • Some of the commonly used medicines are  Belladonna  Anacardium Orientale  Hyoscyamus  Stramonium  Aconitum ….and many more….. Homeopathy for ADHD Homeopathic medicines do not produce any side effects Self medication can harm you and must be strictly avoided

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Homeopathic Medicines • Great physical and mental restlessness. • Acute sudden and violent behaviour changes. • Fears of death fears the future. • Restlessness with inability to concentrate on the task at hand. • Music unbearable makes him sad. • Better in open air and worse in warm room. Aconitum Self-medication can harm you and must be strictly avoided

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Homeopathic Medicines • Strong feeling that he is being let down or betrayed by someone on whom he is completely dependent. • There is increased cerebral activity along with lots of confusion and insanity. • Patient is very irritable violent and suspicious. • Desire to remove clothes and expose his private parts. Hyoscyamus Niger For complete details of Homeopathic treatment

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Homeopathic Medicines • Indicated for children who are violent and yet fearful. • Severely hyperactive patients who are easily terrified. • Fear of the dark – sees ghosts hears voices in the darkness. • Rapid changes in mood from happiness to sadness to anger. • Must have light and company. Stramonium You can see how each remedy is as unique as every single individual in its own way.. Self-medication can harm you and must be strictly avoided

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Benefits of Health Portal • Save your precious time efforts and finances in physically visiting your doctor • Avail services of globally acclaimed doctors from our high-powered panel • Gain health in comfort and convenience of your home • Avail round-the-clock 24x7 medical services and guidance

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• Online payment with easy and secure payment options • Medicines at your doorstep • Anytime anywhere access to your medical records • Add-on features such as: clinical tips health tips do’s and don’ts nutrition tips health calculators health reminders etc…… to enrich your experience Benefits of Health Portal To maximize your health benefits

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 Help your loved one to overcome his agitations and miseries.  Give him a life he would love to live enjoy and appreciate.  Help him to be amicable cordial and attentive.  Secure your child’s bright future with the safest medicine in the shortest time. Go For Homeopathy - Fast Reliable and Accurate Don’t let ADHD kill your child’s dreams Give him the freedom and balance to conquer dizzy heights Choose Only the Best for your Loved One Choose Homeopathy

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Welcomecure Protecting and Enhancing Your Health Always….. • We have panel of expert doctors who have unique experience of treating different clinical conditions like ADHD. • Our commitment is to give Care Results Answers and Treatment that you can always trust. • Constantly creating New Standards of Excellence in Humane HealthCare. For additional information about ADHD and its effective homeopathic management

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