6 seo mistakes to avoid in 2020 to rank fast

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6 Seo Mistake to avoid in 2020 to rank fast SEO what a name and solution for businesses since 1998. But have you ever thought that SEO would change soo much that if you make mistakes you are literally punished by technology haha it must be sounding like a teacher punishing a student who hasn’t done his homework well. Following are the mistakes to avoid in 2020 in order to keep your SEO clean and prevent Search Engines from de-ranking you. We being a Digital Marketing agency in Bangalore avoid biggest seo mistakes given below. 1 Avoid black hat please- I know patience is a very hard thing to persevere. I know black hat gets you there fast and furiously but always think about the long term. As Gary Vaynerchuk says that patience is the most important thing in business as well as life. Blackhat SEO will only give you short-term benefits. Once search engines know about your activity they will punish you very badly and the ranking slip will be the worst. Please use the White hat SEO always 2 Not keeping content as the top priority- The inevitable truth content is the most important part of any onpage SEO strategy. If your content is pure original and a killer one no power can stop you from being ranked in Googleyeah there are other optimisations too though . Need ideas to write content for your blog post use BuzzSumo to see what’s trending in your industry and create a better content around them and then integrate it into your social media strategy.

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3 Any technical errors on the website better correct them asap Yes it is true the 2020 Search Engines were and will be totally devoted to the user signals and how they interact with your website. If the technical seo errors on the website are not corrected and the user finds him/her in the situation of frustration then the chances are he will bounce back and it will leave a bad impression on Search Engines. Make sure that all the errors are resolved. Use seositecheckup to check for all the onsite errors and the solutions to correct them. 4 Not making the website mobile friendly Please do it- Please The search engines are pleading you to optimise your website for the mobile almost 5 billion people in the world use smartphones. That’s a biiiiig Number If your website is not mobile friendly Search engines won’t rank you up on the SERPSearch Engine Results Page. Use this tool by Google to know if your website is Google friendly or not Being a Mobile Marketing company in Bangalore we suggest you to optimize the website before 2018 starts

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5 Not updating your website frequently- Is your website not updated frequently with new content or services update them today so that they can be ranked in Search engines and you get the visibility your content deserves. 6 Bad link building activities- Backlinks are and will always remain the blood of ‘SEO’. You can’t imagine your rankings skyrocket without link building. But I saw many people in 2020 doing the link building the wrong way Please understand its 2020 now almost . Search engines now prefer quality over quantity. That doesn’t mean you start to build fewer backlinks build more but keep in mind the spam score and the Domain Authority too You can check the Domain authority and spam score by using the Moz’s Open Site Explorer tool. Build backlinks which will give you boost rather than from spammy websites which will push you down in the grave as the saying goes if you are not in the first page of Google you are dead. I hope you got a good insight on what ‘NOT TO DO AND WHAT TO DO’ for SEO in 2020. Being an best digital marketing company in Bangalore we always thrive to provide the best content and insights to our users on how to generate more leads and sales and how to hack users attention online https://www.wedoeconsult.com/6-seo-mistakes-to-avoid-in-2020-to-rank-fast/ 6 SE6 O Mistakes to avoid in 2020 to rank fast