Comprehensive Guide to Car Sharing Services


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There is also a cheap way of transit which is car pool. It is about sharing the car so that many people are travelling I the car and thus just not one person has to pay for the car travel. Carpool reduces per person travel costs and also alleviates the stress of driving. Carpool also makes your journey more comfortable. Searches related to car sharing services Peer to peer car sharing, What is car sharing, Car sharing app, City car share, Car sharing Europe, Car sharing statistics, Hertz car sharing, Car sharing India, OlA car sharing, uber car share sharing


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Comprehensive Guide to Car Sharing Services :

Comprehensive Guide to Car Sharing Services WeDigTech

Car Sharing:

Car Sharing “why buy a car when you can borrow it”

What is Car Sharing:

What is Car Sharing It is a type of car rental. However, it is different from the traditional car rental. Car sharing is intended to be of utility for people who want to rent a car for only a short period i.e. a few hours and pay only for that. An individual, in car sharing, is billed by the total time he or she had the car and the distance he or she has travelled.

Car Sharing Service Features:

Car Sharing Service Features Here are the car sharing features that you need to know. 1. Mobile 2. Reservations 3. Itinerary 4. Membership Perks

Mobile App:

Mobile App Mobile apps enable the car sharing service to perform some functions.

Reservations :

Reservations It informs you about the details regarding where, when and how to reserve a car. The reservation features are:

The Reservation Features are: :

The Reservation Features are: Book in Advance Availability Map Cancel Reservation Change Reservation International Driver’s License International Reservation Same-day Reservation Reserve Anywhere

Itinerary :

Itinerary This part explains those features which can affect the kind of trip you have planned with the car sharing service. Features: 100 Miles Per Day Airport One-Way Overnight Round Trip

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