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Medical Transcription Salaries:

Medical Transcription Salaries What are the average salaries for medical transcripton ?

United States:

United States In 2008 the middle 50% of transcriptionists in the U.S. earned between $13 and $19 in 2008 and the top 10% of medical transcriptionists earned around $22.

Difficult to quantify:

Difficult to quantify Average salaries for medical transcription can be difficult to quantify.The reason for this is that some medical transcriptionists are employed and paid on an hourly basis and in 2008 the average hourly rate was $15.50 per hour.

Work from home or in the office?:

Work from home or in the office? Other transcriptionists are paid on the number of lines of transcription they produce and generally work from home transcriptionists will earn more but will have the extra cost of running a home office/business at home.

Massachusetts no. 1:

Massachusetts no. 1 Massachusetts with an average hourly rate of $20.62

Alaska-no. 2:

Alaska-no. 2 Alaska, $20.50 per hour


California-3 California with an average hourly pay rate of $19.76


Hawaii-4 Hawaii, hourly rate of $18.72

New Jersey-5:

New Jersey-5 New Jersey with an hourly rate of $18.63

Best industries for medical transcriptionists:

Best industries for medical transcriptionists The best paying industries for medical transcriptionists are medical and diagnostic laboratories, insurance carriers, science and research, management and scientific consulting and finally dentists practices in that order.

To learn more:

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