Wedding Reception - 5 Cheap Ideas To Save Your Wedding

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Wedding Reception - 5 Cheap Ideas To Save Your Wedding Contrary to popular opinion, cheap wedding reception ideas aren't necessarily synonymous to having a tasteless reception. It's your prerogative to take advantage of cheap wedding reception ideas if you want. It's your wedding so what you want matters! 1. Get a sponsor. It can be your godfather, godmother, or anyone else close to you and is wealthy enough to pay for all the expenses of your Mori Lee 70201 reception. Keep in mind that the operative word there is "close". Close ties are necessary so you don't have to twist anyone else's arm.

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2. Hold the reception at your house. This could be your last resort if you've got an absolutely embarrassing house, but if your house's great to look at and it has adequate space for your guests to mill around then why not? You can also ask your friends to pitch in for the decorations. It's similar to transforming the high school basketball court to your prom venue overnight. 3. Hold the reception at someone else's house. If you don't like how your house looks then you could always hold it in someone else's...provided that someone offers, that is. If and when you do hold your Mori Lee 70207 reception in another person's house, make sure that you set up strict house rules for the party to prevent your guests - and yourself as well - from unwittingly abusing your friend's generosity.

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4. The keyword here is rent. If you're not so poor that your friends won't pity you, but you're not so rich you can afford a full-out Mori Lee 70208 blast then why not work with a compromise and rent everything that can be rented? No one else except you has to know that you're renting anyway. Remember: what they don't know wouldn't embarrass them! 5. Think about mass-produced stuff. Who needs unique centerpieces, flowers, and favors anyway? It's all about taste and elegance and contrary to popular opinion, mass-produced stuff - especially those coming from China - can be visually pleasing too! It just takes a longer time to find them in the marketplace, that's all.

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