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This presentation aims to compare two leading CMS's in the market i.e. WordPress and Wix. We have used a number of basic factors in this comparison.


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WordPress V/s Wix- Which one stacks up as the better Content Management System

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In this presentation, our team of Web Developers aim to compare two popular options when it comes Content Management Systems- WordPress Vs. Wix, against a host of factors that are going to be the ultimate deciders for your needs. Know More- Web Developers Sydney . The Factors we used in our comparison; 1- Ease of Use 2- Design 3- Functionality 4- Ongoing Support 5- Pricing 6- eCommerce Capabilities 7- Blogging Capabilities 8- Search Engine Optimisation

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WordPress User Friendly CMS Easy to Learn Requires intermediate knowledge of HTML and CSS for undertaking modifications and customisations. Wix Suitable for non-developers A visual, intuitive and user-friendly interface courtesy to its simple drag and drop interface allows a user with just a few clicks to drop paragraphs, pictures, slideshows, shopping cart buttons, etc on the CMS. Ease Of Use

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WordPress Thousands of themes to choose from. Options include free and paid themes. Allows for high degree of customisation. Wix About 500 themes available for Wix. A theme can be customised but only to a certain degree. Wix ends up being somewhat restrictive in terms of design because there is not much you can do in terms of customisation. Design

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WordPress Thousands of plugins to choose from the WordPress Repository. Allow for high degree of customisation. Upgraded regularly by knowledgeable WordPress Developers. Wix Wix offers a hundreds of apps on it’s app store that allow you to integrate functionalities that are not a part of the core. Wix does not provide full access to it’s source code therefore customising an existing up might be somewhat difficult. Functionality

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WordPress WordPress comes a massive community of users with a plethora of tutorials and articles to help you find the answers you are seeking. None of which is official support though. Because of its sheer size, WordPress community may be a bit disorganised and lack a quick turnaround time for responses thus making it a bit more challenging to navigate your way around when a problem strikes. Wix Wix that offers a dedicated support team (in some cases, a VIP one-on-one support service too) along with a rich library of over 262,000 topics posted in the support form and hundreds of tutorials too . They also offer email and scheduled phone support too if needed coupled with their education program – WixEd . Ongoing Support

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WordPress WordPress on the other hand is better suited to growing a business beyond the start-up stage . It does however require a user to install plugins for product displays, payment processing, inventory tracking, etc, the costs of which can quickly add up, not to mention the security vulnerabilities that come with third-party applications. Wix Wix is configured to serve eCommerce needs thus it offers more eCommerce functionalities than WordPress, especially if you are in the start-up phase. With over 70 industry categories and 500+ pre-made fully responsive and customisable templates, Wix caters to a whole raft of merchants without having to deal with external plugins or difficult setups. Wix also offers users the ability to generate coupon codes, set custom shipping and tax rules, undertake inventory tracking with ease and offer multiple payment processing options, amongst other features. Know More- eCommerce Developers Sydney . eCommerce

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WordPress WordPress as a CMS comes for free but there might be some other costs attached to it. These include, domain hosting, website hosting and the cost of plugins (if not free). The other cost that needs to be considered is the “Cost of Development Services”. If you are not familiar with HTML/CSS or need custom functionality as a part of your website. Find out more about WordPress Development Services- WordPress Experts Sydney . Wix Wix offers 5 different plans, including a free one, to cater to all audiences in its target market , covering hosting, themes and free extensions, depending on the plan selected. Couple of factors to consider however are as follows; the ongoing cost, the functionalities you require in the long run and if a platform like Wix can provide you these functionalities, the page loading speed, the time you have on an ongoing basis to actually keep your website up to date. Pricing

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WordPress WordPress is a clear winner or rather pioneers when it comes to blogging capabilities. Wix Wix on the other hand isn’t far away at all with multiple blog-specific designs neatly organised and categorised based on various topics to offer a what you see is what you get blog-building experience that is easy to set up and go! Blogging Capabilities

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WordPress WordPress offers its users a whole ocean of SEO resources. There are plenty of third-party plugins that can take care of most of the on-page SEO stuff. These include keyword targeting, setting meta titles, meta descriptions, sitemap generation, alt-text etc. Wix Wix have come a long way from its initial days when they were heavily dependent upon flash to create websites. They also now offer basic SEO functionalities to their users that can get the job done. SEO Capabilities

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That’s it Folks!

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