7 Reasons why you should go for Business Website Redesign

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7 Reasons why you should go for Business Website Redesign

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 With consumers spending more and more digital media time on mobile apps it becomes essential for websites to deliver optimal user experience.  The trends in website and web application development keep changing from time to time. Your business website must meet the latest trends and customer expectations to accomplish higher conversion rate and drive online sales.  The website also needs to deliver optimal user experience across various devices – computers smartphones and tablets – to keep visitors engaged and convert them into customers.  You must consider redesigning the website to make it user-friendly and deliver user experience across varying devices.  Also website redesign will help your business to acquire new customers and drive sales.

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7 Reasons Why You Must Redesign Your Business Website without Any Delay 1 Customers spend more digital media time on apps  A large percentage of web traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices. Most customers nowadays access websites and web stores on their smartphones and tablets. But they spend most of their digital media time on mobile apps. Hence it becomes essential for you to make the website deliver richer user experience across computers and mobile devices.  Your website redesign strategy can focus on responsive web design to make the website accessible and look good on varying devices with a single code base. Also you can test the redesigned websites across browsers devices platforms and networks to determine the measures required for improving its user experience and engagement.

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2 Customers abandon slow websites  While ranking websites Google uses loading speed as a key search engine. Also most visitors nowadays abandon websites that take more than three seconds to load.  Hence the loading speed of your business website will impact its user experience as well as search engine ranking.  You can opt for website redesign to make the website load faster and prevent user abandonment. 3 The website needs latest tools plugins and APIs  Often developers use web frameworks to simplify and accelerate custom website development. Also they use various plugins and application programming interfaces APIs to enhance the w eb si t e’ s functionality performance and interoperability.  But tech companies and communities keep upgrading these plug-ins and APIs regularly. Likewise certain open source plugins and extensions become obsolete due to lack of constant support.

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4 Persuade customers to share the website on social networks  Many enterprises nowadays measure the popularity of their websites based on social media share. Several businesses even launch digital marketing campaign to persuade users to share website content and links on popular social networking platforms.  When you decide to website redesign it becomes easier to make the website content and links more appealing. 5 Add new functionality to the existing website  The website redesign strategy gives you adequate scope to add new features and functionality to the website. You can even consider customizing the website redesign strategy according to your present and future business requirements.  For instance you can convert your existing website or blog into a web store by incorporating eCommerce functionalities at the time of redesigning.

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6 Simplify website content publication and promotion  The quality of website content impacts its user experience and search engine ranking. You can update the website content regularly to divert search engine traffic and engage the visitors.  The content management systems CMS make it easier for entrepreneurs to create publish and promote website content without putting extra time and effort. 7 Reduce bounce rate and increase conversion rate  The web analytics tools and services make it easier for business owners to collect measure and analyze website data.  You can use web analytics to monitor the behaviour preferences and interests of visitors. Also web analytics will help your to measure bounce rates and conversion rates.  But you need to explore ways to reduce bounce rate and increase conversion rate to generate more sales revenue.

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