How App Developers should use Social Media to promote their Apps

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How App Developers should use Social Media to promote their Apps Ph No : 609-952-5161

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 A number of studies suggest a consistent increase in the number of people accessing social networks regularly as well as the amount of time people spend on social media daily.  With an average user spending about two hours on social media each day you cannot popular your mobile app without promoting it aggressively on popular social networking platforms.  Most social networking platforms allow mobile app makers to connect with audience and promote their mobile apps in two distinct ways – organic marketing

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 You can opt for organic marketing options – Facebook page Instagram profile and Twitter handle – connect with the target audience and share information about the app without spending money.  On the other hand the paid advertisement options – Facebook ads and Pinterest ads – provided by popular social networks will help you to connect with more relevant users and enhance app discoverability through ad click-through rates.  However the social media promotion strategy for the mobile app must focus on a number of factors to

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Tips to Use Social Media Effectively to Increase App Downloads Promote the App on Multiple Social Media Time  Nowadays an average user spends over two hours on social media each day. But the choice of social network differs from one user to another. For instance Facebook is currently more popular than other social media sites. But the users who prefer photos and visuals spend more time on Instagram or Pinterest than Facebook.  Hence you cannot boost app downloads by promoting it only on popular social media sites.  Your social media promotion plan must identify the relevant social media sites and understand their app’ s

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Post Valuable and Engaging Content  The social media sites allow you to promote the mobile app through a variety of content – information photos videos jokes and contests.  You can leverage these options to make the potential users aware about the mobile app and engage the existing users.  It is always important to leverage the content sharing options provided by various social media sites to highlight various aspects the mobile app.  But you cannot keep the user interested and engaged simply by sharing information about the mobile app.

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Connect and Interact with the Users Regularly  You cannot boost app downloads without communicating with social media users in a human and personal tone. You can easily accelerate mobile app promotion by encouraging users to share their feedback and experience.  But it is also important to respond to the comments and suggestions posted by users on various social media sites proactively. You can even bond with both existing and potential users by conveying your passion for the mobile app as a developer. 

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Automate Common Social Media Promotion Tasks  If you are not a digital marketing professional there are always chances that you may lack the time and skills required to promote the mobile app aggressively on multiple social networks. For instance your core business activities will not allow you to post content on targeted social media sites regularly and interact with the target audience proactively.  Hence you must automate common social media marketing tasks and activities to increase app downloads without diverting attention from your core business process. You must take advantage of the

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