7 Top Tips To Make Your Web Design SEO-Friendly

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SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. This is an effective method to increase the quality and quantity of traffic that your website receives by making it visible online for users looking for some sort of information, product or any other service. Being the first step to acquire customers, people take it seriously to generate leads and influence them to convert. To put it simply, SEO is the process to expose your website. Read more on https://bit.ly/3eU2wnb


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7 Top Tips To Make Your Web Design SEO-Friendly With the term SEO what most of us think that it is just about including a few keywords in the blog posts that are published on websites. But is it really sufficient to rank your website at the top of search results Absolutely not

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So far what I have experienced is that people haven’t perceived well how to take advantage of SEO to its maximum potential. Therefore I have decided to make them understand what SEO really is. What Is SEO SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. This is an effective method to increase the quality and quantity of traffic that your website receives by making it visible online for users looking for some sort of information product or any other service. Being the first step to acquire customers people take it seriously to generate leads and influence them to convert. To put it simply SEO is the process to expose your website in front of your target audience and start the money making process from there. Just to make you fully aware of SEO I want to discuss an example. For a moment imagine that you have launched a new ecommerce website that sells groceries. You have added a wide range of items to your product list. Now you have made your website live for visitors to come on. After a week you realized that your online store has low sales and you want to grow that. Here comes SEO in the game. You need to optimize your website for search engines like Google to drive heavy traffic to your site. Once you have done that your site will rank in the higher positions of search results and your click-through rate will be increased. In the next stage you generate leads convince them to make a purchase and eventually you make profits. Take note that ​SEO professionals do not only bring traffic to your site through articles but by inserting keywords in your

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images your web content and even in the URL of your website. That makes search engines to read crawl and index your website easily. Over to the definition of SEO let’s divert our attention to the main matter of the content - how to make your web design SEO-friendly. But before that I would like to share a few details about ​SFWP Experts ​. This is the ​client-centric ​web design Los Angeles company that offers more than a dozen of services to small and medium sized businesses around the world. Focused primarily on increasing your sales through more leads generation its professional services like SEO-friendly web design and development app development software development online promotion and advertising content writing and content marketing can be of great help. With that out of the way let’s take a quick look at the ways to make your web design SEO-friendly. The Best Tips On Making Your Web Design SEO-Friendly 1. Put Social Media Icons On Your Pages Search engines more so Google values social media and so do your target audience group. Incorporating social media elements in your web design will help your site to attain higher rankings in search results. When you design your site have in mind that you have to add all social media icons to your pages where you have an account like Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest and others. This will not only help your site to rank better with search engines but also make a great impression on your prospective customers. 2. Optimize Your Images For SEO

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What most people do to rank at the top in SERP is optimize the text on their website but they miss out on doing the same for their images. If you optimize the images you use on your website you can increase chances of your site to achieve higher rank on the results page. When selecting an image for your website ensure that it is not too large in size else it may affect your website’s performance negatively. Ideally the images you have chosen to put on your website should be anywhere between 30 and 100kb in size and have a resolution of 72 dpi. Remember images that are too big could increase your website’s loading speed ultimately resulting in hurting your search engine ranking. For this reason it is necessary to use a keyword in the alt text section of your images and that will improve your site’s SEO further. Just in case the way you have optimized your website isn’t bringing as expected results transfer the workload to us and then we will deal with it better. SEO analysts web designers and copywriters at our Los Angeles web design company works collaboratively to reach the target you have set for your business. Other than that you can also rely on us for quality services such as responsive web design web development social media marketing email marketing and brand promotion. 3. Use JavaScript Nicely And Carefully One of the mistakes many website administrators make when building their website is using JavaScript for their entire site design. Search engines crawl through websites in order to index them for search results and then determine on which position a specific website will rank. If your site has too much Javascript search engines will have a tough time while reading your site and that will unnecessarily create crawling issues. Moreover Javascript doesn’t run smoothly in mobile phones. So you should aim to make your website as easy as possible for search engines to read and also put consistent effort to make it more user-friendly for your visitors.

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If you need any help designing the user interface of your website make conversation with us and we will provide you with a perfect solution. The professionals who are part of our Los Angeles web design company have helped hundreds of businesses across the world to grow and expand. You can choose from an array of services that we offer like custom web design and development plugin development theme design online marketing branding SEO PPC and many as such. 4. Make Your Site URL User-Friendly To rank on the first page of search results you need to make the URL of your site is SEO-friendly. For instance a URL such as http://www.gymfreakequipment.com/products/item22950 is not an SEO-friendly URL. It doesn’t help search engines to understand what the page is all about. Instead it should be something like http://www.gymfreakequipment.com/buy/treadmills. Apart from that what you need to do is to limit the number of categories in your site link. Just to make you understand with the help of an example http://www.gymfreakequipment.com/buy/equipment/treadmills/s oletreadmills includes too many categories. Another thing you must keep in mind is to separate all the words in your URL using hyphens instead of underscores. 5. Insert Keywords At Different Places Many people primarily focus on using keywords in their content but often they forget to put it in different areas of the site. Keywords are not just meant to be used in the web content they can also be included in your site design. As discussed above you can also use keywords in your images but there are also other areas where it is needed. You can use a few keywords in the title tag H1 tags meta description website slogans H2 tags H3 tags file names folder names URLs and at many other places.

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To get detailed information about the keyword usage you can make a call or write an email to SFWP Experts. The members of our core marketing team will get in touch with you as soon as they receive your email. You should be assured of an amazing customer service at our Los Angeles web design company whether it is WordPress web design web development website redesign website support and maintenance social media management conversion rate optimization or email marketing. 6. Design Your Site To Be Accessible Through All Browsers Let me be blunt here - if your website isn’t accessible through all browsers then it is going to affect your conversion rate as well as ranking in search results. Make sure your website is viewable on all browsers else there is a higher chance your visitors will leave your site without making any purchase or trying out your services. Additionally it’s also important to ensure that your page load time is low and it’s easy to navigate else it is likely to rank at lower positions in the SERP. Analyse your website carefully so that it opens properly on all browsers and it doesn’t contain any such image that might cause it to load slow. 7. Use Flash Elements On Your Site Sparingly Using too much flash on your site won’t just affect your visitor’s engagement but rankings as well. If you use flash on your site unnecessarily then be mindful it will be more difficult for search engines to determine the top rank for your website. The major reason behind this is flash is often devalued by search engines that means it will not influence your site’s SEO positively. Anyway if you find it extremely necessary to use flash on your website do it wisely. In The Closing Up until this moment you have seen how to make your web design SEO-friendly. When you implement the tips you just read

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the ranking of your website will improve drastically and that will help you get more traffic. Have in mind it doesn’t matter how well you have designed your site or how many good quality content it has unless your target audience can find you online. If your site has low visibility online and you want it to turn up just interact with us and we will help you out nicely. Basically ​our Wordpress website design company but we deliver our services all across the globe. You can count on us for a lot of services such as modern web design and development homepage design and development website hosting and maintenance search engine optimization pay per click advertising digital marketing and so forth. Contact Details: 213-277-9177 lasfwpexperts.com Wordpress Developer Visit Reference Profile Websites: https://bit.ly/3bGhLOC https://bit.ly/2KEJy5S https://bit.ly/2Y2etRB Ambush Marketing https://bit.ly/3ax4czr https://bit.ly/2W05iP9

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