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Web Choice talks about getting your business up and moving. For more details, call: 01935 507879.


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Web Choice - Get Your Business Up and Moving "E commerce" - the term itself will not be alien to anyone living in the 21st century. If you trace the history of e-commerce it originates to 1994 when the first e-commerce transaction was conducted. Since then e-commerce has grown globally by leaps and bounds. E-commerce giants such as Amazon Alibaba ebay Flipkart etc have massively penetrated the internet market and changed the entire concept of the retail industry. The percentage of people purchasing goods online in the UK is at an all- time with e-commerce revenue amounting to 688.4 billion GDP in 2018. This constituted about 17.8 of all retail throughout 2018. The use of mobile phones to shop online has also increased significantly during this time. In 2019 more than 82 of UK households made online purchases. The UK e-commerce

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market is now expected to grow by 9 every year for the next three years and is predicted to be worth a staggering £231.2 billion by 2021. So what exactly is e-commerce It is an online transaction the buying or selling of products and services. However it is not limited to purely buying or selling but also includes internet banking payment gateways online ticketing and so on. The process of online shopping has become so simple that you can search for any product that comes to mind just by connecting your smartphone to the internet. So how has e-commerce been made accessible to you Every company or organisation that wishes to sell their products do it via an e-commerce website that facilitates online shopping by means of transfer of information and funds via the internet. E-commerce website development can help you introduce products to new customers in foreign locations. Having your own website offers you great benefits and this is the reason as to why so many small business owners as well as some large-scale traders opt for an e-commerce website. Now to run these websites you’ll need an e-commerce platform. For e-commerce website development choosing the best e-commerce platform is the first step to building a successful online business. You needn’t be a genius or need to know every intricacy of building an online store. The right platform will have all the necessary functions and features to help you set up your online business with ease and be successful with it. There are many really good platforms on the market that we can recommend for e-commerce website development. Web Choice can help you decide which is the best option for you without the need to sacrifice quality or functionality. We have been in the business of e- commerce website development for over a decade and are committed and dedicated to creating websites that are responsive secure and results driven. Not just for ecommerce Web Choice is also an SEO agency in London where our talented specialists can help you reach the height of a page one listing on Google all without a paid advert. If you have already managed to create an e-commerce website for your business how do you boost it by making your presence online known Thats where SEO or Search Engine Optimisation plays a key role. Though word of mouth adverts may still play a role if you really need to stand out and apart from your competitors you need to be there on the page one listing of Google and other such search engines. SEO helps search engines such as Google organise and present the information that you are publishing to the users seeking it. This is considered by every organisation as an important marketing strategy. So how do you get SEO services for your business There are many companies that offer SEO services to businesses and Web Choice is one such SEO agency in London. With search engine optimisation you can make your website more attractive to search engines. Web Choice can help your business with SEO strategy and optimisation techniques we have been ranked as a top SEO agency in London and can help

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you reach the heights that we ourselves have achieved. Contact us today to move your business to page one Sources: https://www.webdesignchoice.co.uk/blog/web-choice-get-your-business-and-moving