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Swamatics supplies Blowers and Compressors high-quality centrifugal blowers; high-pressure blowers; air and gas blowers; industrial blowers and fans. Visit:


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Swam Pneumatics Private Limited

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Introduction Vacuum pumps are categorized by their operating pressure range and as such are classified as: primary pumps booster pumps or secondary pumps. Within each pressure range are several different pump types each employing a different technology and each with some unique advantages in regard to pressure capacity flow rate cost and maintenance requirements. Their design the basic principle of operation is the same. The vacuum pump functions by removing the molecules of air and other gases from the vacuum chamber or from the outlet side of a higher vacuum pump if connected in series.

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Mechanical Vaccum Booster Dry Screw Vaccum Pumps

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Types of Vaccum Pumps • LIQUID RING VACUUM PUMPS • Diaphram Pump Dry Positive Displacement • BOOSTER PUMPS • Rotary Vane Pump

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Key To Best Performance The right application of Vacuum pump is very essential for the most optimized performance. An ideal layout offers more power saving and higher efficiency. During piping design and installation it is must to take a proper care. The selection of the Vaccum pump depends on the volume flow rate Pressure and type of material handled Space limitations Efficiency.

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CONTACT US Address Info C-2SECTOR-3NOIDA-201301U.P . INDIA. Telephone: +91-120 - 469 6222 FAX: +91-120 - 244 3282 E-mail: Website:

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