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Swamatics is the leading manufacturers of various twin lobe air blowers, Screw Blower for industraial utilization. The main function of air blower is to cotrol pressure and vacuum and ground timing gears. Visit:


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Swam Pneumatics Private Limited:

Swam Pneumatics Private Limited

About Us:

About Us Swam is an innovative and progressive company, has grown over the years. Its success can also be measured and seen by the ever increasing number of manufacturing facilities . In 1980 Swam started with just 1 factory, in 2010 it has 4 manufacturing plants with a total manufacturing floor space of 12,100 m² or 130,000 sq. ft.  Currently there are approved plans to expand with a 5th manufacturing plant. Which will increase the number of international plants to 3.  Swam has developed a very high level of Quality control. Not only do we check all of the raw material and castings when they are delivered. With all defects quarantined, and returned back to the supplier or sub-contractor.  Final product testing is completed at our  “Hot run”  testing station. Swamatics is the Best Manufacturer of Twine lobe rotary air blowers and Screw blowers .


PROCESS GAS BLOWERS/GAS Boosters Gas boosters are used for circulation of gases for chemical processes. The gases handled are Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Biogas, Carbon-Di-Oxide, Methane, Mixed Gas, BF Gas, Coke Oven Gas etc. The boosters are fitted with improved sealing system to make it leak-proof. The mechanical seals are fitted, if application so warrants. The construction materials are special, depending upon the nature of gas.


Products Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Condenser Exhausters Mechanical Vacuum Boosters BLOWER DIVISON Process Gas Blowers/Gas Boosters Rotary Sliding Vane Compressors Screw Blowers VACUUM & PUMP DIVISION


Contact Us Address Info C-2,SECTOR-3,NOIDA-201301,(U.P.) INDIA.  Telephone: +91-120 - 469 6222 FAX: +91-120 - 244 3282 E-mail:  [email protected] Website:

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