Hierarchy of Life

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Hierarchy of Life for Advanced Biology Class


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BIOLOGY: Hierarchy of Living Things

Levels of Organization : 

Levels of Organization 1. Molecules 2. Cells 3. Tissues 4. Organs 5. Systems 6. Organism 7. Population 8. Community 9. Ecosystem 10. Biosphere

Molecules : 

Molecules We study molecules to see fundamental interactions Main Molecules: Carbohydrates Proteins Amino Acids Lipids

Cells : 

Cells Study life through the smallest, functional, living thing Cellular Concepts: Cell Communication Basic Processes Replication Specialization

Tissues : 

Tissues Study life through specialization of cells Tissue Types: Muscle Nerve Bone Epithelial

Organs : 

Organs Study life through specialized unions of tissue Organ Operatives: Stomach Heart Brain Skin

Organ Systems : 

Organ Systems Study life through the complex workings throughout the body Organ Operations: Digestive Cardiopulmonary Nervous Integumentary

Organisms : 

Organisms Study life through the complex, specialized workings of an entire living thing Main Organisms: Plants Animals Fungi Bacteria

Populations : 

Populations Study life through the interactions of like organisms and their social structures Observations: Reproductive strategies Families Parental Care Group behaviors

Community : 

Community Study life through the interactions of different populations living in proximity Observations: Competition Mutualism Parasitism Predation

Ecosystem : 

Ecosystem Study life through the interactions of different communities and resources in a set environment Observations: Limiting Factors Natural Barriers Impact Succession

Biosphere : 

Biosphere Study life through the interactions of all the ecosystems of the Earth Observations: Pollution Invasive species Climate change Migration

Why is the Hierarchy important? : 

Why is the Hierarchy important? Life has emergent properties within each level of organization Emergent properties are new properties not present in the smaller parts Ex. Flight is not present in a feather, a bone, a muscle but it is present when they are combined in a bird

Why is the Hierarchy important? : 

Why is the Hierarchy important? Life is interactive We are learning more and more that what affects the least living thing can have an impact on the greatest. Ex. DDT

Review : 

Review Can you name the levels of organization within the Observations? Molecules Cells Tissues Organs Organ Systems Organisms Populations Communities Ecosystems Biosphere

What would be next? : 

What would be next? If we found life outside our planet, what would be the next level you would suggest? What about outside our solar system?