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Ghana Pro Net NY Screening Gambaga


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GhanaProNet :

GhanaProNet Presents A documentary by Yaba Badoe “ The Witches of Gambaga ” March 24, 2012 Grace Hotel New York City


Overview GhanaProNet: Mission and Vision Goal of Screening ‘Witches of Gambaga ’ Join GhanaProNet Future Events Special Thanks

GhanaProNet: Mission and Vision:

GhanaProNet: Mission and Vision Build and sustain a professional network of dynamic Ghanaians and friends of Ghana Harness the potential of professionals from diverse backgrounds and across the globe Highlight social, economic, and cultural issues of importance to professionals Engage in philanthropic endeavors Explore new frontiers Transform dialog into initiatives using a non-political approach

Screening “Witches of Gambaga”:

Screening “Witches of Gambaga ” Commemorate Women’s History Month and Ghana’s 55th independence anniversary Spotlight Yaba Badoe : female professional who embodies GhanaProNet’s objectives Raise awareness of social problem Dialogue among professionals Take initiatives to combat superstition Contribute to GhanaProNet’s Development Fund

Join GhanaProNet:

Join GhanaProNet Join a Committee today! Development Event Planning Finance Marketing Management Public Relations Interact with like-minded professionals Like us on Facebook : GhanaProNet Follow us on Twitter: @GhanaProNet Visit our website: www.ghanapronet.com Virtual and physical networking opportunities Register at signup table to get involved!

Future Events:

Future Events ‘Witches of Gambaga ’ screenings: Lounge 201 in Washington DC: April 7, 2012 Organize one in your city! GhanaProNet official launch Ghana Embassy in Washington DC: May 19, 2012 2012 National Conference Share ideas and success stories Network Get motivated

Special Thanks:

Special Thanks Grace Hotel Eric Sanchez (director), Shannon (director), Chris & Joe (sound engineers), Larry (security) Yaba Badoe and the women of Gambaga Designers Kobena Gyepi-Garbrah (poster), Abdulai Madaha (coupon), Tedros Robinson (logo), Rascalinu ‘Carlos’ Alidu (music) GhanaProNet Planning Committee You!

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