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Degraded Image:

Degraded Image By: Lily Watson Sight and Sound Fall 2012





Step One:

Step One Take a picture of my friend Chris

Step two:

Step two Print out said picture of my friend Chris. I also scratched o ff some of the ink and filled it in with green marker. I forgot to t ake a picture of that.

Step three:

Step three Make a puzzle on the back after failing to do one on the front because of the glossiness.

Step four:

Step four Cut it out into pieces. Fight to reassemble it correctly.

Step five:

Step five Using Mod Podge , glue the pieces back together on a 4x6 canvas. Zoom in on Chris, leave out where his heart would be.

Step six:

Step six Paint in his heart. Make it a cold one. Also, add some bones to be anatomically correct.

Step SEven:

Step SEven Scan it in with a cheap, free printer. Hope it works.

Step Eight:

Step Eight It worked! Eureka. Print it out in both black and white…as well as color. Add another b/w just to be safe.

Step nine:

Step nine After cutting the extra edging off with a scallop scissor…spiral it! Do for all three pictures!

Step Ten:

Step Ten After dismally failing to make it spiral with the whole thing cut off some extra swirl to make…

Step Eleven:

Step Eleven These guys! Add some additional doo-dads to them to make them interesting.

Step TWelve:

Step TWelve Remember those extra puzzle pieces that didn’t make it to the canvas? WE’RE GOING TO USE THEM!

Step TWelve:

Step TWelve Using paper clips (because no string was handy) punch holes and attach the paper clips to make a long string.

Step Thirteen:

Step Thirteen Attach them one by one to the shower rod. Why the shower rod? Because it was 3 in the morning and I didn’t want to get attacked by moths to attach it to my roof.

Step Fourteen:

Step Fourteen Take a high angle shot because I can.