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Local Lead Drop – The Secret Weapon that helps you stand out from the crowd immediately Local Lead Drop is a complete guide to getting RED HOT leads dropping into YOUR Inbox. Then they show you how to convert those leads like clockwork and turn them into longtime paying clients. They even show you how to expand your business rapidly using systematic referral strategies. http://crownreviews.com/local-lead-drop-review-bonus/ What Is Local Lead Drop Neil and Robert are 2 marketers who both hate traditional "selling" and only look for methods that allow them to close deals in a way thats more like "taking an order". Any marketer who takes on clients will tell you that referrals are the 1 way to land business over time. A lead that was referred to you by a trusted source and has a budget ready to go is the best type of lead you can have come in. ...but how do you get those referrals coming in the first place ...and what happens when your referral sources dry up or slow down Exactly. No business no income and back to the drawing board. Thats why you need a steady stream of leads that you can tap into anytime you need to or as much as you want. Can you imagine what it would be like if you could land clients like clockwork by simply checking your email and following a simple system Then what if you combined that with a referral strategy that allowed you to consistently turn each new client into more clients expanding your reach exponentially Thats what these methods are all about... Introducing: Local Lead Drop Local Lead Drop is a complete guide to getting RED HOT leads dropping into YOUR Inbox. Then they show you how to convert those leads like clockwork and turn them into longtime paying clients. They even show you how to expand your business rapidly using systematic referral strategies.

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How Does Local Lead Drop Work What Will You Learn With Local Lead Drop  The exact source they use to get these leads and how you can tap into it today No waiting around to get leads coming in you can literally have them pouring in within hours.  How to set yourself up for success from the beginning even if you are just getting started and don’t have a single client yet  How to find the best projects to bid on so that you give yourself the best chance to close at high rate. Also how to avoid the tire kickers so you don’t waste your time or money.  Their 4-Step Bidding process that wins projects over 40 of the time. Only 5 providers that’s you can bid on a given project so you start out with a 20 chance but this system doubles that.  Their Secret Weapon that helps them stand out from the crowd immediately. They’ve been using this for years to close deals and it flat out works. Once you have this in your arsenal closing deals becomes a breeze.  The simple yet effective system they use for closing these deals without ever doing any hard selling. In fact it doesn’t even feel like “closing” more like taking an order.

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 How and When to Upsell these prospects into monthly marketing services. Not only will you be able to make great money up front but you can also leverage this lead source into a monthly income source.  Plus they’ve included a killer bonus training that breaks down how to offer one of the hottest high end services out there Video Advertising. What Will You Learn With Local Lead Drop Quick Start Guide To help you get started TODAY theyve put together an easy to follow Guide that will help you digest the system quickly. Video Training Series They break down each step in complete detail using "over the shoulder" training videos hosted in a private members area. Rapid Fire Templates

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One of the keys to their system is responding the these leads quickly and professionally in a way that stands out from the crowd immediately. These templates make it easy to do just that. Mastermind Group They wont just hand you the system and send you on your way. By picking up Local Lead Drop Today youll also get instant access to their private mastermind group full of like minded marketers. How It Works: First thing you do is to sign up as a provider leads start dropping into your box within hours… These aren’t just low ticket tire kickers either we are talking about 4-5 figures deal from these leads. Then all you have to do is bid on the job using their 4 steps bidding process. From there you use a simple clothing system that closes at 40 with ease. Not only that but by combining this lead gen system with their proven referral strategies you will be able to grow your business exponentially. Who Should Use Local Lead Drop Its super easy to set this up for yourself and you can have leads coming in for whatever services you offer within hours of signing up

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Even if you dont have a portfolio or are just getting started you can still make this work for you in fact they show you exactly how to do that Can you imagine how nice it would be to wake up everyday to leads like these pouring into your inbox Gone are the days of beating down doors sending out mass mailings cold calling or any of that nonsense. Why would you even worry about that when you can have leads like these flowing in daily. Why Should You Get Local Lead Drop Now Theyve included everything you need to fully understand and implement this system within hours of getting access. You get a complete step-by-step training in both a video series and quick start guide that breaks down the system. Plus you get their "Rapid Fire Templates" which have been fine tuned to convert like crazy and you get access to their private mastermind group to boot Even if you just landed one client this training would pay for itself ten fold but the truth is they expect you to land a lot more than one client. They know this works because theyve tested and proven it to the tune of 50k in business. Get access today and start getting these red hot leads dropping into your inbox daily. Plus get their complete system for closing these high ticket leads like Clockwork... In addition to helping you find and close high ticket leads you will be given the insider advantage of knowing how to offer one of the Hottest HIGH TICKET backend services you can offer YouTube Ads. To do that they brought in one of the industry leading experts Justin Sardi to break it all down for you in this exclusive bonus training Exclusive Bonuses From Local Lead Drop Bonus 1 - Adwords for Video - Local Edition 497 Value

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Once you get these leads you are going to want to sell them high end monthly marketing services and YouTube Ads is the HOTTEST SERVICE you can offer right now. To show you the ropes of offering Adwords for Video as a service to local businesses they brought in one of the leading industry experts to show you how its done. You learn everything from prospecting setting up the campaigns with Geo-targeting pricing and delivering the service to the client. There is no other course out there teaching this right now making this bonus easily worth the price of admission to Local Lead Drop on its own Bonus 2 - Video Ads Case Study with Expert Justin Sardi 97 Value

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In addition to the pre-recorded Adwords for Video local training they also convinced Justin to jump on a live call with you for in depth training on how you can use YouTube to get leads for your clients. On this exclusive live training you will learn the drop dead simple formula for generating on demand traffic sales leads subscribers for your or your clients business. These methods are all backed by proof case studies and can easily be duplicated in any business or niche you can think of Bonus 3 - Like Minded Mastermind Group 97 Value

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In addition to giving you all the training tools and support you need to make this work they are also giving you access to their Mastermind Group. In this group youll find like minded marketers that are also taking on clients just like you. Get feedback listen to others success stories or connect with others in the group Bonus 4 - Live Group Coaching 197 Value For the final bonus they are going to host a live group coaching where they will cover the key aspects of the course and take any questions you may have. During this time they can give you specific advice on how to make this system work for you and discuss referral strategies to expand your business further. Conclusion With everything they’ve included you’ll be ready to start landing high ticket clients immediately. Whether your goal is to quit your day job or just boost your business Local Lead Drop will help you do that. It doesn’t stop there though with the complete bonus package they’ve put together you’ll be ahead of the curve by being able to offer one of the hottest services out there YouTube Ads for Businesses. Plus you’ll also be able to grow exponentially through the power of masterminding with likeminded people on a regular basis. This method has brought in thousands and thousands in business over the last year for us and I know it can work for you. They’ve decided to make this available for a limited time at a FRACTION of what it will sell for later. So click the link below and get access to Local Lead Drop right now

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