How to Jazz Up A Prom Dress

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How to Jazz Up A Prom Dress ? How to make a prom dress better Have a simple prom dress fits your perfectly and you would like to wear to prom but the problem is its plain looking it does not quite have the factor a little sparkier a little dressier or a little more like something Taylor Swift would wear in the red carpet that will have all your classmates oohing and ahhing to standout from crowd without looking cheap. There are lots of ways to glam up a simple dress you can revamp your dress into better prom gown with a little knowledge and a few sequins and accessories. It’s pretty easy to jazz up a prom dress whether adding some sparkle creating a dramatic hair and makeup look or even altering the hem. Dress up a boring gown with these easy fool-proof and totally affordable tips and pick a few to boost your prom dress’s potential. Just remember simple is better don’t try them all at once. Before you begin to bustle your simple prom dress trying the dress on and look in the mirror to decide if there are areas you like and which areas you wish to change or if you just want to add a bit of extra detail. 1. Add bold statement Jewelry is the easiest way to spice up a plain prom dress It’s amazing what a piece of jewelry can do. Dust off your baubles and upcycle them to create a prom look and your prom outfit suddenly shine. Add a statement necklace to your plain prom dress whether it’s in or it’s out whether it’s a 16-inch necklace featuring wide stones or resin pieces or long strands of gold and silver. Who cares A big necklace chock full of detail will always add to an outfit and it’s the perfect way to bring glamorous detail to a plain dress. Carly Rae Jepsen’s statement necklace features beads and neon and turns her simple black dress into one that’s memorable.

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Necklace can be turned into sparkly shoulder strap too. Or slip on a wrist full of bangle charm bracelets and a huge cocktail ring and a pair of earrings into pins and more. If the sparkle isn’t on your dress bring it to your arms and wrists. I love to mix and match bracelets to create the perfect sparkly stack. Don’t be afraid to use gold silver and bronze together or stack up wide bracelets with different color jewels and stones. It’s a whole new kind of arm candy Besides coordinate other items of clothing to compliment your prom dress such as fancy satin gloves or a shawl. Tip: Less is more. Change one aspect of your dress and try it on. It easier to add embellishment than it is to take it away. 2. Get creative with a Brooch to make a dress fancy at once An artfully placed jeweled brooch can add a bit of sparkle to your dress in an instant. Pin it at the waist of your dress on the bust or on a wide one-shoulder strap to add detail where there was none before Or if your dress has a collar add collar clips.

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3. Carry a Sparkly clutch Let a stand-out bag be the focal point of your ensemble if your dress doesn’t have as much sparkle as you want. Carry an oversized sparkle-encrusted clutch a bejeweled purse with a chain strap or a brightly-colored purse and watch your prom outfit go from simple to stunning. There are dozen dazzling accessories that would go great with any prom dress.

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4. Make your shoes the outfit centerpiece If your dress is all one color or just basic your shoes have permission to be absolutely outrageous. With the right pair of shoes a girl can conquer the world at least conquer the prom party. Pair it with sparkly shoes to take it up a level pick a pair of loud neon heels jewel-encrusted pumps with a clear five-inch heel or one-of-a-kind vintage wedges or dress up your shoes with a few decorative elements: jewels bows flowers poufs or a pom-poms all-over sparkle stilettos all work beautifully. and your outfit will suddenly rock. 5. Bows for your toes It is easier than decorative shoes. Start with embellishing the ankle straps of your basic heeled sandal. Take a 2-inch-wide ribbon wind a length around your leg and through the strap on the outer ankle and tie into a big beautiful bow. 6. Create a dramatic makeup look Now is the time to experiment with a fun multi-colored eyeshadow look an excess of overly dark kohl eyeliner or super bold lips in red rich maroon or even purple. If you want to make your simple dress a little more glam start with eye makeup. Black eyeliner on your top and bottom lids plus smoky black eye shadow almost always does the trick. If you have light coloring use a slightly lighter eye shadow like gray or brown. Red Lips and Old Hollywood Hair is totally timeless. It’s instant glam that is the reason that modern day celebrities repeat the look over and over. Prep your lips with a red lip liner then pick a red lipstick that flatters your skin tone. Go easy on the eye makeup- you don’t want to end up looking clownish. Part your hair on the side then create big waves with a wide-barrel curling iron. Lightly tousle them with your fingers to create

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that soft look. Finish it off with a sparkly clip or a flower tucked behind one ear. 7. Indulge in Nail Art Imagine your dress as a blank palette and your nails as a canvas. Get creative by gluing on tiny jewels stickers and drawing on your own nail designs. Get nail inspiration here. 8. Go all out with your hair styles and hair accessories As far as your outfit goes a fabulous updo can mean the difference between boring and brilliant. Skip your everyday loose style and create a curly updo crimped hairstyle or a braided look. Or Floral hairstyle to embrace your inner bohemian. Think: a crown of miniature blush-colored roses atop your curls a delicate stem of baby orchids woven into a loose side braid or a statement bloom pinned behind your ear. An elegantly-placed piece of hair jewelry can add instant glam to any outfit… just take it from

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Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You don’t necessarily have to wear a tiara though. A sparkly ethereal clip artfully placed pins embellished with rhinestones a wide flower rucked behind your ear and a fun headband or headpiece can really dress up your outfit. Pair fantastic hair jewelry with a stack of bracelets and glitter shoes and your simple dress will suddenly seem stunning. 9. Add a headpiece of a hat A vintage hat with netting that coyly covers your eyes a jeweled headpiece wrapped around your updo or even a 60s-inspired flower crown overflowing locks can make your outfit more stylish. 10. Experiment with an embellished belt or Ribbon Bow Belt If your dress has a defined waist whether it’s empire or at your natural waist add a belt Try wide or skinny belts elastic. Or top it off with a ribbon bow Cinch in your waist with a bow-tied belt that coordinates

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perfectly with your dress in color and material. A sash will make your dress appear more formal and sash belt in contrasting color to you dress will better such as white or hot pink on black dress. 11. Add your own embellishments Get creative Add embellishments to your dress. A row of sequins or jewels along the neckline bottom of the skirt or waist can dramatically alter the appearance of your prom dresses. Look in craft stores for inexpensive gems that can be sewn on to your prom dresses. Or maybe you have an artsy flower that you can place on your sleeve or hip or an old silk scarf that could be crafted into a bow. A plain dress is a perfect opportunity to play designer. Pay particular attention to any visible seams on your dress add jewels to seam lines to disguise them and give the appearance of a designer dress. 12. Appliqued to the skirt of the dress A sparkly applique will draw attention to a particular area such as your legs or back. Small sparkly applique on to the shoulder of thick straps dress will make boring dress into fancy. 13. Have it hemmed or Layered or feathered-out train A tailor can really do wonders for a worn-out frock. Have your gown shortened to a mini dress and you won’t even recognize it Or have a short-sleeved or one shoulder dress made into a strapless gown or have a tea-length gown turned into a high-low hem. Or add contrasting color tulle outside. If your sewing skills are not particularly strong get a seamstress to make it for you.

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And the dress can be feathered-out train for under 5 like YouTuber Amber Scholl added netting beadwork and a crazy extra feathered train. If your dress doesnt have a collar put one on. Add rope and tassels to the straps of your dress. Take an old sequined shirt or scarf you dont want and use the fabric to embellish the sleeves. Embellish the hem with a ribbon. 14. Get Yourself some funky tights Lacy patterned tights wild colored tights or even knee-highs can really do a lot to an outfit. When the dress is plain the accessories should be bold 15. Lace Corsage A lovely lace corsage you made yourself will last a lifetime and it stands out in a sea of traditional flowers. We printed clip art onto heat-transfer paper and ironed the design on to fabric for this sewing project.

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4 Reasons Your Formal Dress Looks Cheap 1. The embellishments look totally stuck-on. Its a bad sign if it looks like you could repair your dress with a hot glue gun. Instead sew the embellishment onto your dress and try to cover the sew with some beading sequin or rhinestone. 2. The smaller the individual embellishments the better. That way they will look like they are actually part of the fabric and not like they were just slapped on at the end. Its also a good idea to stick with more abstract embellishments which are less likely to distract from the overall look. 3. Youre a grown-up but you look like you are going to your Quinceañera. while it is one thing for a 15-year-old to wear a flurry of ruffles ombré polyester rosettes and rhinestones it is quite another for a grown woman. it is going to look cheap even if it isnt as extreme as the example below. 4. Those cutouts are cutting you in all the wrong places.

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Cutouts can be sexy but they can also be really unflattering and if they are not done correctly they can make even the most expensive dress look totally trashy. In general cutouts look more sophisticated when they are placed at or above the line of your natural waist. High slits of course are great too as are low backs which can still look very elegant even when they go well below your natural waist. Who want to make a major statement – and save some serious cash order a simple prom dress even a boring prom dress then DIY it with some of these tips you will get a fancy outfit for the upcoming prom party. And if you really care about making sure your formalwear looks its richest do yourself a favor and just avoid ruffles altogether. Not into sewing Shop the most unique prom dresses for 2020.

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